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Hereafter by Emil S, Year 9 Ripley St Thomas

The Environment is a beautiful place,
Things grow and die at a steady pace,
But we don’t treat it with respect and grace,
And now floods and fires have begun to give chase.

Just imagine all of the cute little cottontails
The tweet tweet of the common quail
The loud call of the humpback whale,
All of them, becoming weak and frail

Young teens cannot take the blame
For hurricanes or acid rain
We all caused this, which is plain
And lush green forests we can regain

The Environment was a beautiful place
Now thing don’t grow, but die at too fast a pace
We began to treat it with respect and grace
But floods and fires are winning their game of chase

We can fix this mess if we do it right,
Walk to school, turn off a light,
Climate action is taking flight,
Let’s save the planet and put up a fight

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We must change by Lily M, Year 7 Ripley St Thomas

Beautiful trees and buzzing bees
Flourishing in the garden
Wild bears and fluffy hares
Running in the woods

Polar bears in icy lairs
Dancing in the snow
Fish in the sea, swimming happily
Water crystal clear

Deforestation, elimination
All the trees are gone
Mean hunting, hunters grunting
Animals run and run

Global warming is a warning
Will the humans wake up?
Flowers dying, bees are crying
Fishes full of plastic

We must change
Clean up the land
Clean up the sea
Yes, you and me

We must change
Clean up the land
Clean up the sea
Did you hear me?

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Environment Poem by Bess C, Year 7 LGGS

There is a planet,
Outside this dying world
That one is free and green
Ours is dead and burnt
Oh, how I would love to see the green
See the life of the world once more
However, I don’t think we can…
Because the world is burning,
But what are we doing to help?
We are sitting and watching TV
While trees become victims of flames
They’re wasting away but what are we doing?
Think of the icebergs melting away
The polar bears with nowhere to stay
The plastic seas,
Home to the turtles
But soon they’ll be dead
Think of trees,
Burning away,
And why?
We are doing this
We need to stop
Stop killing the planet
Stop killing the crops
It’ll start with the animals
The poor little things
Then move on to the trees
But why are we doing this?
I really don’t know
We’re killing the planet
We’ll have no place to go
So, save the world because
As people so often say,
There is no planet B
Save the world today

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Danger to our planet! by Teodora L, Year 7 LGGS

Our planet is dying killed by our hand,
Wherever you look there’s no more green land.
We’re all buying a big fancy car,
Leaving on our planet an enormous scar.
We are building more and more
So, Earth no longer looks like before.

People are leaving litter everywhere
When you can find a bin nearly anywhere.
We’re spending billions to study space,
When saving our planet feels like a race.
Fish are dying in the seas,
Nobody is planting trees,
Animals are disappearing,
Hunting season is all we’re hearing.

A simple life and being selfless
Would help our planet feeling hopeless.
If everyone would try together
We’ll make our planet live forever
Building less and planting more
We’ll change our planet to the core.
Clean the oceans and fish less
And then finally we’ll see some progress.
Use public transport, driving less
And climate change we will supress.

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Environment Poem by Rebecca H, Year 8 LGGS

Installed in my throne of leather,
Wrapped within my Safety harness,
Whilst taking a gander out the window.

Enclosed in my metal ride,
Sights whizzing past,
Enjoying the endless tranquillity,
Taking over the wheel of authority.

As we drove,
The road turned rainbow
from the oil spills.

Think about the world while your sitting there,
Think about the danger of our species,
While taking a gander out the window.

Exposed to the truth of this ride,
Smokey images blurred past,
Constant terror for our planet,
And the wheel to our future takes over you.

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In an Intemperate Climate Rocks become Light by Catherine Marina

A child bites my hand, wrapping it over his
and catching his feet on unstable sand.

Looking back smoke rises from the shore.
Open fires and cigarettes divide the beach.

With ogre energy, laughing and cackling
the child throws a rock, splitting it in two

current breaking and reforming through it.
Inclement layers exposed to oxygen and salts.

His screams disturb the grown-ups on the shore
looking up from their personal spaces

places marked out by expensive kayaks
and bodies of wetsuits prostrate and idle.

His rolled up tracksuit bottoms are starting
to get wet and he hasn’t noticed the samphire

wrapping around his toes. Salt fingers
binding him in the water until he feels

and screams and giggles and razes his hands
God like against the incoming tide

that threatens to wash everything away
and asks to go home. Relieved, the adults

on the shore relax back behind their wind breaks.
Watch us tip toe over unexploded shells.

Exhale cigarette smoke. Lick the salt off their lips.
Resume their positions.

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An unkindness of people by Jessica Lyon-Wall

I ask this sometimes,
with seas unkind
Why so sad?
Sea, sea, rewind, rewind.

Woods a dark hue fill
With acrid smoke,
An orange heart that burns with life
And takes it grandly, quickly,
Whilst high-end politicians
Talk loudly, to cameras,
on the streets where they wear blue.
But they just watch, and wait,
As we burn too.

We’ve starved our bodies
Like we starve the earth
We scour the ground
For glittering gains
Drilling, draining
The shelter from rebelling rain.

Cracks form in ground
That once was well,
They wash in waste as
Their bellies swell.

I sit on a pier, sip on some wine
And breathe in the thin salty air.
Oh! The things we could do,
if we dared.

Trees arch their backs over the narrow roads, the cheering crowds go wild!
My Lancashire, my red rose home.
I would fall and kiss the ground,
But I know it’s not my own.

All we do is wait,
As if we had a choice,
But we have.
We have a voice.

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Environment Poem by Liv J, Year 7 LGGS

We all live in this world, hand in hand or far apart,
But in good old England, all of us are close at heart.

Changing winds and shifting tides,
Feet on the streets getting into their stride.
Birthday cakes and shopping sprees,
Having picnics under the trees.

Plastic bags fly through the air,
Mother Nature cries in despair.
If we don’t act sure and fast,
Humanity will be a thing of the past.

So here we are upon the hill,
Flags in hands and voices shrill
Cousins, Family, all our friends,
On our decisions the world depends.

Stop polluting, stop the wars,
Clear the plastic from our shores.
Leave the forests, let them grow,
Let the turtles swim below.

The choice is ours, the time is here,
The world is dying, it is clear,
We must make changes, you and me,
The world is our community…

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Hope is not a Strategy by Kathleen Jones

Alaska’s burning. Unprecedented. Tinder dry
on the tundra, “You just have more material to burn”.
Forty thousand lightning strikes in four days,
six million acres in flames. This is the arctic.

The roof of our house is on fire, forests torched,
glaciers dissolving. The blue eyes of their melt-
water pools stare up at us under the helicopter.
Still there is unbelief, laughing emojis on Facebook,

twittering abuse – conspiracy, wokeism – while
the fires are burning hotter, deeper.
“We hope for rain,” the fire chief says,
“but hope is not a strategy for fighting fire”.

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A Message by Imogen H, Year 7 LGGS

People’s pillars of fumes,
drifting across the sky;
Birds and bugs galore,
No longer flying by.

Our oceans could be full of dreams,
Turtles and coral too;
Instead, it’s full of nuts and bolts,
And careless things flushed down the loo.

Animals plea ’Help us please!’
‘We’re too weak to rule’
We took that as an opportunity,
For being tyrants and extremely cruel.

Our world is crumbling day by day,
The heat is increasing ray by ray.
We have a chance if we start now
We’ll do it together and here’s how:

Switch to more ethical products although it may be tough,
We’ll always try to refill and reuse our stuff;
Another thing to do is invest in a reusable cup,
Although it may seem simple our efforts all add up.

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Our Planet by Heloise R, Year 7 LGGS

Still, clear waters
now mucky and full of plastic.
Clean, fresh air,
now full of fossil fuels.
Green, luscious plants,
now suffering because of climate change.
Peaceful, calm animals,
now endangered or extinct.
All this because of us.
However, it’s not too late to make a difference.
If we all work together,
and do our part.
We can fix our mistakes
and fix our earth.

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Climate Change by Donna Gowland

I knew the geography of myself like an old map.
I didn’t believe in tornadoes, typhoons, or anything else
That could take me off track. They, like everything else,
Didn’t happen in my world.

You swept through me without warning
such precise devastation,
tore through my flesh in a torrent,
with no thought of what you left behind, or who.

I know what it means to exist now,
having scavenged bare trees
for the fruits of myself.

I crawled out of the wreckage of my bones
A survivor of the shipwreck of myself.
I listen to the forests now
Hear their hushed storms loud as gossiping girls.
I am a fortress
That no storm or hurricane can break.

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Lavender by Elizabeth Gibson

You never had much time for lavender,
but savour the ghost of honey in my last soap,
lingering on hands and nerves in wrists,
the wooden slats of a bed I will never own.

I burrowed into the roots of the library,
where a kid teased rivers from the piano.
I picked out old cookbooks full of berries.
You stroke their pictures, feet in the air.

We drift in and out of our pink shorts –
I have endless pairs from my Spain days.
I treasure my rare snapshots of ladybirds,
mourn the end of the tiger caterpillars.

No butterflies get trapped here anymore,
only flies and mosquitoes, and the moths
I try to decode like yellow flaking bibles.
We allow them to stay, keep our lights low.

The radio says, all buses have vanished
from Manchester, and all trams have turned
from yellow to deep pink. Love, it is so hot,
like a baby rabbit, curled in its first tiny hole.

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Them by Emily A, Year 7 LGGS

They promised bright days and clear skies were here to stay
But soon a clean world will be too far away
They did the damage, then fled the scene
Leaving us the mess to clean
There are islands of rubbish bigger than France
The air is suffocating
This is our last chance
Animal’s habitats being burnt to the ground
Melting away
Or being chopped down
They should mend the planet they destroyed
They wrecked a world that wasn’t theirs
And left it for us to repair
How can they think any of this is fair

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A Progress Through the Mountains, 2015 by David Canning

The signs are clear, a glacier was there once:
the ‘U’-shaped valley cut with cirques,
erratics perched like petrified birds,
flat river plains, tell-tale lakes edged by moraine,
and the scarring of the rocks where the ice dragged away.

You will ascend higher still to gain a better view,
unsure if you have crossed from Italy into France;
up there even borders of nations liquify and confuse
in a heat that clings, leaches at the will,
and your shadows will billow like smoke in the scrub,
while all around the rocks and cliffs will gleam,
alabaster and marble basilicas of sun-whitened stone.

Soon you will reach the apex of a ridge,
its peaks broken and jagged like a dead giant’s teeth,
there descend to a pool of shade and welcome its cold,
where a thin rope bars your path, guards a jewel,
pale and a mere few metres in size, cordoned
from the hands of worshipful pilgrims,
shimmering and cool like a vein of white jasper,
is the very last of the ice, the Mer-de-Glace.

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Environment Poem by Bella G, Year 8 LGGS

Plastic pollution,
Global warming,
Ice melting,
You’ve heard it all before
So what?
Doesn’t concern me,
Not my problem,
That’s the issue
Yes big companies
Cutting down trees
Mass producing products
Airplanes and cars
Cause it all,
But the reason nothing is changing
Is because no one listens
They brush it off
Assuming some big thing will happen in the future
Not right now
But what about the people facing floods
The polar bears slowly dying
The world dying
This is not some far of thing in the future
This is the now
And it should be the past.

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My World by Anwen G, Year 7 LGGS

My world is changing at a rapid pace.

Through the seasons,

Through the years,

Even through the minutes.

Outside the window,

At my school,

I see the wind blowing,

The trees wavering,

And the leaves falling to the ground,

Ending their lives a little too early.


My world is full of change,

Climate change,

People change,

School change,

Season change,

Each day I go through,

A little bit more change,

A little more struggle,

To get through each day.


I realise now,

That I could be,

The one the world has been waiting for,

But how to get my little voice heard,

Over the many wonders of this world,

The sweet melody of whale song,

The cheeping of baby birds,

On their first flying outing,

The planet weeping silently as we damage her oceans,

And she is weeping because she is the habitat to us,