We sincerely regret to announce that we will be cancelling the remainder of the 41st Lancaster Litfest with immediate effect. In these difficult times, and considering the evolving nature of the situation, we have taken this decision in consultation with our wonderful artists, venues and volunteers in order to provide clarity over the coming week. We thank Petr Horacek and A.C. Grayling for the superb events they ran on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of March, we hope our audiences enjoyed them as much as we did.

All tickets for cancelled events will be refunded in full through Lancaster and Morecambe Visitor Information Centres and we thank them for their invaluable contribution. Due to the sheer volume of bookings these refunds may take a few days so please bear with us as we make our way through the queue. Lancaster VIC will be open 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday. We will also be sending this statement via email to those ticket holders who included this method of communication in their booking.
It is our firm intention to rearrange all cancelled events later in the year (hopefully in October or November) once the situation is more stable and we are already in talks with our artists regarding how we can facilitate this. The best way to be notified about new dates is to join our mailing list at https://litfest.org/mailing-list-signup/, but also keep an eye on our website and social media accounts.
The ‘Migrations’ and ‘In Pursuit of Peace & Hope’ exhibitions are still available to view at Lancaster Library, ‘The Stone King’ storywalk podcast will remain available for download throughout the month of March to give you the chance to explore the fantastic Williamson Park.
We remain proud of our 2020 festival. Our ticket sales have increased substantially, we met new and wonderful people in the form of our artists, supporters, audience members and volunteers and it has been a pleasure to once more bring literature to Lancaster. Despite the sadness of this situation we are determined to take forward the positives from this experience to continue to build our organisation.
We strive to continue onwards and upwards.
Litfest Board of Directors
Julie Bell (Chair), Natalie Sorrell Charlesworth, Bill Swainson, Jake Hope, Emma Crighton, Saul Argent, Olivia-Egdell Page, Janet Doherty and Megan Lounds