We all live in this world, hand in hand or far apart,
But in good old England, all of us are close at heart.

Changing winds and shifting tides,
Feet on the streets getting into their stride.
Birthday cakes and shopping sprees,
Having picnics under the trees.

Plastic bags fly through the air,
Mother Nature cries in despair.
If we don’t act sure and fast,
Humanity will be a thing of the past.

So here we are upon the hill,
Flags in hands and voices shrill
Cousins, Family, all our friends,
On our decisions the world depends.

Stop polluting, stop the wars,
Clear the plastic from our shores.
Leave the forests, let them grow,
Let the turtles swim below.

The choice is ours, the time is here,
The world is dying, it is clear,
We must make changes, you and me,
The world is our community…