2021 Poetry Mosaic

2021 National Poetry Day theme of ‘Choice’

All the poems in the Litfest Poetry Mosaic respond to the 2021 National Poetry Day theme of ‘Choice’, and were submitted by members of the public and schoolchildren from the Lancaster area. The mosaic of images shows the the topics covered by the poems. You can either click on the link in the image, or search in the list below the mosaic.

Poet Hannah Hodgson curated a selection of outstanding poems from Litfest Poetry Mosaic, which were read online at a special National Poetry Day showcase event. This is available to view on the Litfest Youtube channel.

First nameSurnamePoem TitleTopic
Aasiyah (Year 8, LGGS)I have the power to choose …Grief and death
AlanSmithToo Many ChoicesFood and Drink
AlanSmithChoice, FateFree will and fate
Amelia (Year 7, LGGS)ChoicesChoosing
Amelia (Year 8, LGGS)ChoicesNature
Aneeshde VosInvisible ScreensHomelessness
AngelaCheveauInside These WallsFamily
AnneBanksexcuse my spanishLove
AnneGeraghtyIt's Not A Five Star Hotel Refugees
AnneHollowayHanging OnNature
AnneHollowayDecisionPregnancy and babies
BeatriceF.The Bright Spoon or the Dark SoupFood and drink
Bella (Year 7, LGGS)There are lots of different choices in this life…Free will and fate
Bella (Year 7, LGGS)Messed up stuff! Grief and death
BernieJordanPrivate ChoicesHospital
BernieJordanParadise Lost in translationConsumerism
BevClarkA sister's choice: ways to rememberFamily
BevClarkHuman ChoiceDiversity
BryonyRogersThe Song of Our MakingNature
BryonyRogersSmall steps: All is PossibleLife
CarolMartinA DoorwayCourage
CarolMartinThe Ivy on the WallNature
CathyPlaceDecemberGrief and death
CharlesWhiteheadMy Mobile BubbleNature
CharlesWhiteheadCrossings and WelcomesRefugees
ClaireHaden DawesAmandaLove
ClaireHaden DawesFallingDesire
ClaireHaden DawesThe NestDesire
Deirdre HaranWheatleyBrodgarRuins and remains
Deirdre HaranWheatleyWombtidePregnancy and babies
DianeWildIt's My ChoiceGrief and death
Dotty SNelsonMy ChoiceGrief and death
EleanorDenvirUnder Different CircumatancsDesire
Ellie (Year 8, LGGS)Society makes my choices.Food and drink
EstherValeThe World Is BigNature
Evie (Year 7, LGGS)Or?Choosing
Grace (Year 7, LGGS)Freedom and forbiddance Choosing
Gracie (Year 7, LGGS)The girl in the grassLove
Haniyah (Year 7, LGGS)Every choice we make…Choosing
HarrietRosenthal-StottDecidophobiaFood and drink
Hashbala (Year 8, LGGS)ChoicesChoosing
HelenConstantinouStarved for choiceRefugees
JakkooooPoem of OngoChoosing
JamesWalmsleyThe Margins of My MindFamily
JoKirwinAutumn ChoiceNature
JohannesLetschTwenty Twenty-One (2021)Illusion
JohnOsborneHope against HopeFood and drink
JohnOsborneOut of a lump of clayArt and writing
JulesTelfordMy choiceCourage
JulesTelfordI chose a placeNature
JulieCarterThe Birthday PresentChoosing
JulieCarterI'm Talking about the Space. after Viktor FranklFree will and fate
KatyMarshallChoose to PlayLife
KellyDavisThe VisitLove
KellyDavisLeda and the SwanArt and writing
KevinDyerClutterGrief and death
LamLemI Still RememberFamily
LindaGouldenBeyond Oor KenChoosing
LindaGouldenOf Infidelity or Dawn and DuskArt and writing
LindaHamptonSpeaking my TruthTruth and lies
LindaHampton It is timeCourage
MariaBertoloneThe Illusion of ChoiceIllusion
MaryHodgesSpoilt for ChoiceFood and Drink
MaryHodgesThe Burden of ChoiceFree will and fate
Michele AHoldenHalcyon DaysNature
Michele AHoldenThe Little OnePregnancy and babies
Natalie SorrellCharlesworthWar Song vii: Last PostTruth and lies
Natalie SorrellCharlesworthWar Song viii: OccupationRelationships
Natalie SorrellCharlesworthWar Song ix: Behind Enemy LinesGrief and death
PeterHaywoodTodayHere and Now
PeterHaywoodA Choice of OptionsWork
PeterHaywoodEvery Twenty SecondsLife
RichardHayesSumer Night by the RiverRelationships
RichardHayesThe Exit ModelLife
RichardHayesAt the WaterfrontNature
RoveenaRamsamyChoosing the LightChoosing
SarahMellenThe WanderingChoosing
SarahPayneThe breakCourage
SusanOsborneThe Animal ShelterNature
SusanOsborneBag o' CripsFood and Drink
Alona (Year 7, LGGS)Choices!Choices!Life
Bella (Year 7, LGGS)Nature's ChoiceNature's ChoiceNature
Mae (Year 7, LGGS)TryTryDiversity
Emily (Year 8, LGGS)Good or evil?Good or evil?Courage
Lenny (Year 8, LGGS)ChoiceChoiceLife
Weronika (Year 8, LGGS)Choices!Choices!Choosing