I ask this sometimes,
with seas unkind
Why so sad?
Sea, sea, rewind, rewind.

Woods a dark hue fill
With acrid smoke,
An orange heart that burns with life
And takes it grandly, quickly,
Whilst high-end politicians
Talk loudly, to cameras,
on the streets where they wear blue.
But they just watch, and wait,
As we burn too.

We’ve starved our bodies
Like we starve the earth
We scour the ground
For glittering gains
Drilling, draining
The shelter from rebelling rain.

Cracks form in ground
That once was well,
They wash in waste as
Their bellies swell.

I sit on a pier, sip on some wine
And breathe in the thin salty air.
Oh! The things we could do,
if we dared.

Trees arch their backs over the narrow roads, the cheering crowds go wild!
My Lancashire, my red rose home.
I would fall and kiss the ground,
But I know it’s not my own.

All we do is wait,
As if we had a choice,
But we have.
We have a voice.