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Online Environment by Lola C, Year 8 LGGS

Ping, there it goes again
That never-ending ring.
The Online environment is the place you need to be,
But once your there you have way to leave.
Your stuck, possibly for life
But ill let you decide…
Social media has change us all.
Likes, comments, follows
Are what we all want the most
But losing our social status
Now that’s something that scares us with an extra dose.
Is this really what our life has become?
Stop, take a minute before you press done.

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Environment poem by Lily A, Year 8 LGGS

My environment is my phone!

All my apps and I live in one big neighbourhood!
My two next door neighbours are TikTok and Snapchat,
I can spend hours on end with them and not get bored
They are my favourites on the street!

Across the road is Twitter and WhatsApp,
I don’t really like them
But I still put up with them,
Sometimes they can be fine

Up the street is Spotify, Instagram and YouTube
I try to keep in contact with them as much as I can,
Sometimes that can be tough
But when we are together it’s always a blast

Down the road is BeReal
She’s new to the neighbourhood,
Only moved in a few months ago
But she’s full of surprises
At the top of the street there’s iMessages and Facetime
They’re always together,
Rarely seen apart
But they make an amazing duo

I think my environment’s quite cool!
There’re obviously more apps in the neighbourhood,
I’m just not close to them or not as close as I used to be
But they are all still amazing!

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Virtually touching by Ann Grant

We blink away remains of sleep
shake ourselves awake
Morning taps drip
tasks to complete
people to meet.

It’s a difficult route
from plate to mouth
fallen soldiers
egg on our shirts.

but the road to the office is easy now
touch phone screen twice, we’re in
no backstreet weatherman banter.

Our colleagues are collies
curled up at our backs.

I’m still with you in the woods
in your brain, on a train.
Journeying through portals, platforms
and pandemonium
the dregs of a pandemic.

Without this connection
where would we be?
You’d be somewhere
and I’d be here
barely moving.

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What a shame by Freya JP, Year 8 LGGS

How nice!

A whole world!

Lush plants! Blue skies!

Let’s study the stars!

We’ll put children to work

We’ll put them inside to learn!

We’ll teach them maths and to write lines!

We’ll all have festivals all year round!

We’ll write books and plays! And start religion!

We’ll study space! And make a Television!

We sent man to the moon! How clever!

We’ll make plastics and technology!

We’ll make people walk round with phones!

We’ll make more plastics! Build more!

Cut down trees for more room!

Oh no! The sea is wrecked!

Oh no! the creatures!

We’ve hurt them all!

Where’s plan B!

Oh NO!

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At Net Zero by Allan Bolton

They ripped out his landline, then removed his boiler,
his car (not electric), his records and CDs (plastic),
his books (needed for pulping — or now banned).

No banks, no cheques, no cash;
no meat, no fish, no dairy,
nothing with sugar.

No pub, no church, no baker,
no library, no theatre.
Shops? Online only, or click-and-collect.
No business can afford to run trains and buses.

Who’s his GP? Is there such a person?
Nearest health centre’s in another county.
Anyhow, it’s online appointments only.
Don’t bother ringing for an ambulance,
and if there’s an outage, the mobile won’t work.

Power’s off again: renewable sun and wind
taking industrial action. Coal, gas and nuclear long gone.
His home about to be condemned — not energy efficient.

And yet as he shivers and lights a candle,
he has a warm feeling:
though global climate change accelerates ever faster,
this parish has declared it’s At Net Zero.

It won’t be long now, he knows how it will be:
limping across a carpark, crushed under a silently reversing EV.