My environment is my phone!

All my apps and I live in one big neighbourhood!
My two next door neighbours are TikTok and Snapchat,
I can spend hours on end with them and not get bored
They are my favourites on the street!

Across the road is Twitter and WhatsApp,
I don’t really like them
But I still put up with them,
Sometimes they can be fine

Up the street is Spotify, Instagram and YouTube
I try to keep in contact with them as much as I can,
Sometimes that can be tough
But when we are together it’s always a blast

Down the road is BeReal
She’s new to the neighbourhood,
Only moved in a few months ago
But she’s full of surprises
At the top of the street there’s iMessages and Facetime
They’re always together,
Rarely seen apart
But they make an amazing duo

I think my environment’s quite cool!
There’re obviously more apps in the neighbourhood,
I’m just not close to them or not as close as I used to be
But they are all still amazing!