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The River by Catherine K, Year 11 Ripley St Thomas

Children use to chime,
As birds of all sorts used to rhyme,
While the weightless water danced,
Across the rough rocks,
As animals of all sorts scurried through the white water,
Swimming swiftly away from yapping dogs,
And joyful cheers echoed across the river,
From the busy golf course aside,
But now all is still,
No children in site,
Birds whining eerily,
As murky water drifts across,
Plastics of all sorts,
The only sound,
Is the busy road aside,
As few lonely animals,
Swim rapidly away from litter,
Which was left by children,
who use to chime

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EARTH TODAY by Sophie P, Year 10 Ripley St Thomas

The mist over the mountains
taught me that there is
beauty in the unknown,
And that you should keep walking
Even when you don’t know
where you’re headed.
The birds flapping their wings
On their first flight
Taught me to have courage
Even if you’re afraid of falling.
The setting and rising of the sun
Taught me that it is okay to rest
As long as you get back up
To try again.
The wildflowers taught me
To grow with perseverance
And bloom with grace.
This earth taught me
Forgiveness, and
But this world only taught me
How to destroy it.

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See Life, Sea Life by Justine W, Ripley St Thomas

When I visit the countryside, I love the dark skies,
No light pollution and can see all the stars
If you follow them the lead you to Morecambe Town,
Which I love also, and has lights of its own
Many bright lights, neon colours, flashing,
The stars disappear, all but a few and my eyes a draw downwards
Mind my footing on the ground
In one shop, then another, scanning the pavements to continue forwards
The Bay air is salty and smells of wet stones
People are everywhere, cars driving home
Bus stops as frequent as streetlights, street life, pedestrian chaos
The sea, the Sea Life metres away, secretly busy a life of its own
I’ll travel by train to Lancaster City, drenched in history, a thousand year pretty
I can shop ‘till I drop, meet friends, go for lunch and watch people
Doing the same without pause, pedestrian chaos
The medieval Castle, The Cathedral, the HUGE river
River Lune fuelled by the Sea power, from cumbria to Lancashire
Did I see the river today or the sea or the stars?
No not really though I journeyed as far
But The Sea saw me, and let me breath, let me eat, let me shop, kept me warm
I’ll see the sea next time, its coming to town,
Morecambe town, The Eden Project, bringing a Sea Life centre
Sea Life above ground, more people, long journeys, no stars
To See The Sea Life, via trams, trains and cars.

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Questions on Environment by Julia T, Year 10 Ripley St Thomas

Trees, flowers, grass, and bees or plastic bags, corpses, and a couple of weeds?
Four seasons a year or a cold, barren wasteland?
Will we care for our Earth or let it go to waste?
And will you use a bin or just toss it away?
For the turtles to eat and the waves to take away
Will we re-use and recycle or let our rubbish go to landfill?
When you go off to bed, d’you turn off your TV or just let it run for passersby to see?
Do you care for our Earth or let the green disappear?
Will the environment survive without you to keep it clear?
When everything has died and it’s dark outside,
Will you finally miss the smell of the morning dew on the grass?
Will you finally miss the birdsong that awoke you each day?
Will you finally see, you can’t save yesterday?

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Oceans and Beaches by Amelia L, Year 9 Ripley St Thomas

Oceans and beaches,
Places we love to go.
Once used to be home to many,
But that number has now reduced to be so low.
Once used to be lively and clean,
Now not as much can be seen.
Plastic pollutes the ocean,
And covers the sand.
What has happened to this wonderful creation?
Was it made just so fish could get stuck in tin cans?
Once the animals and organisms thrived,
But now many of them have died.
Though there is still some hope.
Reduce your waste,
Reuse what you can.
And protect the animals,
From the old way of man.

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Hereafter by Emil S, Year 9 Ripley St Thomas

The Environment is a beautiful place,
Things grow and die at a steady pace,
But we don’t treat it with respect and grace,
And now floods and fires have begun to give chase.

Just imagine all of the cute little cottontails
The tweet tweet of the common quail
The loud call of the humpback whale,
All of them, becoming weak and frail

Young teens cannot take the blame
For hurricanes or acid rain
We all caused this, which is plain
And lush green forests we can regain

The Environment was a beautiful place
Now thing don’t grow, but die at too fast a pace
We began to treat it with respect and grace
But floods and fires are winning their game of chase

We can fix this mess if we do it right,
Walk to school, turn off a light,
Climate action is taking flight,
Let’s save the planet and put up a fight

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The Run away land by Violet B, Year 9 Ripley St Thomas

I ran away from the grim face of society,
The dizzying climate of the city,
Moving my step towards tranquillity,
I stood there, letting it enter my soul,

How can beauty like yours be committed to live in this place,
I listen again to the whispering waves,
Music of nature, calming but so loud
The birds humming their silent songs,

Beauty is that which attracts your soul,
I reached a lonely spot were the sand meets sea,
The runaway land is the place to be,
Oh, Orkneys how you call to me.

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Once Upon a Time by Eva H, Year 7 Ripley St Thomas

Once upon a time, the world was luscious and green;
But now the world has changed; it’s really quite depressing.
I wish it could be like before, that would be refreshing.
Not to mention there’s hardly any trees, and people things its okay to pollute the seas.
There used to be plastic here and there, but now it’s almost everywhere.
The journey starts with you and me, let’s work together to set this world free.

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We must change by Lily M, Year 7 Ripley St Thomas

Beautiful trees and buzzing bees
Flourishing in the garden
Wild bears and fluffy hares
Running in the woods

Polar bears in icy lairs
Dancing in the snow
Fish in the sea, swimming happily
Water crystal clear

Deforestation, elimination
All the trees are gone
Mean hunting, hunters grunting
Animals run and run

Global warming is a warning
Will the humans wake up?
Flowers dying, bees are crying
Fishes full of plastic

We must change
Clean up the land
Clean up the sea
Yes, you and me

We must change
Clean up the land
Clean up the sea
Did you hear me?

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Environment Poem by Lucy T, Year 9 LGGS

Summer scurries in
On the edge of spring
Excited to take her place
Wildly spinning with grace
But then her timer runs out
And she has to dropout
For in twirls autumn
And she alters the mood
Leaf after leaf is barbecued
Until lastly falls winter
Comes in fast like a sprinter
A blanket spreads across the globe
The temperature drops
Exhausted from her work, she flops.

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Environment Poem by Bess C, Year 7 LGGS

There is a planet,
Outside this dying world
That one is free and green
Ours is dead and burnt
Oh, how I would love to see the green
See the life of the world once more
However, I don’t think we can…
Because the world is burning,
But what are we doing to help?
We are sitting and watching TV
While trees become victims of flames
They’re wasting away but what are we doing?
Think of the icebergs melting away
The polar bears with nowhere to stay
The plastic seas,
Home to the turtles
But soon they’ll be dead
Think of trees,
Burning away,
And why?
We are doing this
We need to stop
Stop killing the planet
Stop killing the crops
It’ll start with the animals
The poor little things
Then move on to the trees
But why are we doing this?
I really don’t know
We’re killing the planet
We’ll have no place to go
So, save the world because
As people so often say,
There is no planet B
Save the world today

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Environment Poem by Zahra M, Year 7 LGGS

The environment what a beautiful place to be,
Trees swaying, waves crashing how nice to see
On an autumn morning the leaves are falling
The colours start to change
The cool breeze swirling around you
The leaves are thinner than a page
The squirrels rushing to find something to eat
In the countryside where the sound is only a buzzing bee
Or in the forest where the trees are whispering
Birds are singing and the leaves are dancing so far away
The environment what a beautiful place to be,
Near the coast where the waves are crashing against the shore
And the seagulls are chirping so much more
The hot desert that you never want to be
Goes on and on and never stops
The environment what a beautiful place to be

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Ash by Weronika S, Year 9 LGGS

The remains of leaves coat bare earth,
like smoke
and with it
tree-dwellers nest in trunks of bare trees,
their branches glazed with a frost
coaxing all into a wary slumber
while the forest holds its breath
impatient for the solaced arrival of spring.

Spring has sprung
and with it,
come times of consolation,
as life revives itself
from the deep doze that had enveloped it.
With plentiful warmth,
seeping through trees and into the ground
enveloping like a soothing blanket.
And with it,
comes new life.

Summer arrives,
and with it
unwelcome, stifling heat
soaking all in an uncomfortable warmth,
while waves of stifling heat
batter the land.

Autumn comes
and with it
the beginning of the frost.
Preparation has begun
and tree-dwellers work at their stores
and with them works the whole forest
as unfathomable cold sweeps through it,
enveloping the land in a
widespread shiver.
Whirls like shrunken tornadoes
stir the earth,
blanketed by leaves
in shades of orange and brown hue.
While hibernators shuffle in their dens
preparing for their winter sleep
bringing consolation
which takes them away
until warmth swathes the land,
while the leaves turn to

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The rising sun by Violet Q, Year 7 LGGS

The moon, the stars, the snow-capped hills,
Rivers, lakes and all things filled
With love and life and peace and joy,
This sacred world that we destroy

Dumping debris in our ocean
Wrecking our planet with no emotion
No regrets, or guilt or sorrow,
Destroying our earth like there’s no tomorrow.

Darkness filling our once vibrant home,
Animals dying that used to roam
Our beautiful habitat, our special place,
Which now resembles a world of waste.

The rising sun brings hope again
To rid the world of all this pain
Take arms against natures foe
A new landscape we begin to grow.

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The Castle on the Hill by Verity D, Year 7 LGGS

At the top of a hill is where I stand,
Often forgotten but always there,
To tourists I’m just an attraction,
But my history holds lots of action,
On winter days I’m hidden by the mist,
So camouflaged, I’m easily missed,
Cars drive past, some see, and some don’t,
The wind keeps my flag held high,
And I often dread the days that it is only halfway to the sky,
The keys to me are kept very hidden,
All the way in London in a big palace fit for a king,
The local homeowners get to see my beauty in the morning,
But I think others forget to even see up from their phone unlocking,
Before phones came into this universe,
I was the only thing that made them feel that they were away from the outside world,
When cars speed past,
Their engines roar and release sour gas,
It sometimes damages my bricks and puts people off because of the mist,
I wish it was like the old time when people took carriages and pointed out my gates to their kids,
Now all they do is look past what lies behind my bricks,
So, if you ever see me on a walk or in the car,
Please come and see all that lies behind my golden crest.

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Their Home by Valentina C, Year 8 LGGS

A forest of birds, foxes, and deer
Once a beautiful scene, animals hidden but present
Peaceful sounds and paths that curve around the woodland
Environment of serenity, calm.
And now, cars drive past
Their engines roaring so loudly the atmosphere changes completely
Home… ‘Where’s home?’ They ask
Save it we can, if our world forces combine
It is true that I am guilty, in you I confide
Now read the first word on every line

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Danger to our planet! by Teodora L, Year 7 LGGS

Our planet is dying killed by our hand,
Wherever you look there’s no more green land.
We’re all buying a big fancy car,
Leaving on our planet an enormous scar.
We are building more and more
So, Earth no longer looks like before.

People are leaving litter everywhere
When you can find a bin nearly anywhere.
We’re spending billions to study space,
When saving our planet feels like a race.
Fish are dying in the seas,
Nobody is planting trees,
Animals are disappearing,
Hunting season is all we’re hearing.

A simple life and being selfless
Would help our planet feeling hopeless.
If everyone would try together
We’ll make our planet live forever
Building less and planting more
We’ll change our planet to the core.
Clean the oceans and fish less
And then finally we’ll see some progress.
Use public transport, driving less
And climate change we will supress.

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Environment Worries by Sylvie C, Year 7 LGGS

Planet Earth – We’re ruining it

We’re clogging up the atmosphere

Littering the ground, the concrete-coated ground

Buildings surround.

The animals are dying

People are crying

Everything’s going wrong.

But a flame of hope is shining brightly

Guiding our footsteps

We can save the planet

If we spread the word because all is not lost

If we try and try and try to:

Help the bees

Plant more trees

And save the seas!

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Lancaster Library by Ruby H, Year 8 LGGS

I rush through town in haste
To reach my perfect safe place
One man stops me, just to say
‘Why run so fast that way?’
I turn and tell him, showing my cheer,
‘Lancaster Library is over here’

‘A world of knowledge free to everyone’
Man ‘But the thing is there’s never one’
‘That I live close to, will it accept me here’
Me ‘it doesn’t matter how near’
‘You live where you live it’s not a problem’
‘Just come, the books are awesome’

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Morecambe on a winter’s day by Rose J, Year 7 LGGS

A dog runs on the forsaken beach,
The sea is distant, out of reach,
The sea and sky meet in a symphony of grey,
This is Morecambe on a winter’s day.

Looking back towards the town,
Chip shop litter, strewn around,
A chip become a seagull’s prey,
This is Morecambe on a winter’s day,

The setting sun casts a fiery glow,
On the bare beds where spring flowers will grow,
And an empty playground where no children play,

This is Morecambe on a winter’s day.