Trees, flowers, grass, and bees or plastic bags, corpses, and a couple of weeds?
Four seasons a year or a cold, barren wasteland?
Will we care for our Earth or let it go to waste?
And will you use a bin or just toss it away?
For the turtles to eat and the waves to take away
Will we re-use and recycle or let our rubbish go to landfill?
When you go off to bed, d’you turn off your TV or just let it run for passersby to see?
Do you care for our Earth or let the green disappear?
Will the environment survive without you to keep it clear?
When everything has died and it’s dark outside,
Will you finally miss the smell of the morning dew on the grass?
Will you finally miss the birdsong that awoke you each day?
Will you finally see, you can’t save yesterday?