As the wind rolls in from the west
And the waves are at their best
The sea comes alive with life
Dolphins jump and swirl
As they twirl
The waves suddenly burst from the deep
As the whales suddenly leap
The fish scatter
The big monster comes down with a clatter.

As the grasslands warm with the sun
The winter is done
The wildebeests graze
In the haze
Something moves
Next you hear the wildebeest’s hooves
The lion strikes with a leap
She finds an antelope asleep
The lion full
She sees a bull

As the rain falls
The rainforest calls
A monkey jumps
Over the tree stumps
A panther traces a scent
Catches her prey
Now she is content
End of a big day.

Deserts getting hotter
Seas are full of water
Nearly overfilling
Rainforests disappearing
Trees we are clearing
We need to be willing
To stop what we are doing
Polluting our world
Otherwise, there is no way back.