*Warning: this poem may contain content or language that is unsuitable for younger readers.*

Soul searching spiritually hurting.
The void is growing.
My disease learns what I learn it’s all knowing. It weaves its way into every fabric of my life without showing. Hard to detect it’s cunning and baffling. Parasitical by nature never conforming. Consumes my spirit never giving. Always ungrateful always deceitful. The volume is painful, the silence is deafening. It’s forever walked hand in hand through life with me. Locks my mind in a cage of fear, anger ,resentment and rage. From the outside looking in theres nothing to gage. There’s never enlightenment with a mindset of outright entitlement. It makes me lonely in a room full of family and it isolates me from a positive community. Negatively charged my problems expand ten fold and become outlandishly large. I walk on eggshells and through life I barge. I hide in the shadows and hate crowds when your in charge. You’ll always walk with me, I know this for sure. I fight you daily from the ground floor.