Poems from Ripley St Thomas, Lancaster

As I fear and am filled with anticipation of what lies ahead
I wave goodbye to the one I love the most
I’m scared I may never see you again
And as you leave to board your train
I start to cry as I’m watching you speed away
On the train in the light of day
I know I might not see you again
but we will always be together in our hearts
I know we will be together one day.

As the train starts to slow
I feel fear creeping up my neck
I step out into the chaos of what was our beautiful country
Screaming and shouting fills my ears
Gunfire and shrapnel surrounding my senses
I already miss you.

We are under the same moon
and sun
and stars
we share the same land,
same smiles and same frowns
but not the same shoes
as our paths won’t cross
because you are safe
and I
am not.

Running away from your homes,
Entering a new & different country,
Full of fear,
Under threat,
Going over seas and mountains,
Escaping dangers and
Escaping DEATH

A sad little boy
trying to find shelter
with a dog in his arms
and a long black coat.

So scared and lonely,
the rain starts pouring —
his tears start falling.

He looks up at a
building, wipes his tears
away, He can’t remove
his gaze from a family
playing a board game.

An image of utter
happiness: it gives him
back his strength.
Now he starts for
the big, long journey…

When she was there, she had a smile on
Her face.
From her dog to her books.
And everywhere she looks.
It’s a place she would never replace

Sounds of bombs, deafening and loud
Carrying children, belongings and frowns
Air raid sirens, run and cover
Relatives and friends, shake and shudder
Early mornings. late nights
Do they deserve to live with this fright?

I wish it didn’t have to end like this,
An unsafe place, a dark abyss.
But wait, there’s something in the distance,
My refuge, my chance at resistance.

I close my eyes and take a leap,
There is no sound, not a peep.
One more step, I’m nearly there,
My refuge, my shield from despair.

I can’t stop my breath from quickening in pace,
I can feel my heart beginning to race.
I take the last step, I’ve arrived, I’m here,
My refuge, my safeguard from fear.

I walk into my room and crawl into bed,
Pull the covers close, cover up my head.
I feel tears trickling down my cheek,
I’m at my refuge, I’m ok, but I’m weak.

My mum enters first, then brother, then dad,
They sit at my desk, looking down at me, looking sad.
They pull me close, a warm embrace,
My family, my safe place

Refugees are people who lived in a country and there is a war or they are in danger there so they escape that place to somewhere that is safe.

Endangered people!

Forced out of their homes by cruel people!

Unhappy people having to leave their homes because other people!

Glum and innocent people forced to leave!

Evil rulers

One stormy night,
There was a refugee that took a flight,
That stole his fright,
He landed in a different country at his sight,
He landed at night with a light.

He went to camp,
With his only lamp,
At the top of the ramp,
He met his brother,
And his mother.

As years went past,
At last,
He was given the all clear,
To fly home.

The end

We will leave our stories behind it all
And think about the tease
Alarms, armies and weapons
Will never be at ease

Cuts, scars and bruises
The ones that can never be healed
Never ending flashbacks in our triggering memories
Cold bodies huddled
In tiny rafts at sea
Many people wishing they could be free

Too much pain and heart break
Could break a family
Tall figures holding guns bigger than their bodies
Always on the watch
One wrong move
And bang
Families hearts broken

Don’t cry, Don’t speak
Stay still and silent
And repeat
As the stream of tears roll down your face
A never ending war of violence
And a thought pops inn your head
Will there never be violence
Or is it a melody in my head
No body
Can go back to the bombing and war
The never ending journey
Is always a far will we make it or
Is it too hard

Jumping fences breaking locks
Everyone constantly debilitated
Jumping in tracks
Risking their lives
Just to reach the docks
Roads that lead nowhere
Is their someone out their
Who can help
Never mind they just stare

Children abandoned
Screaming and crying
Left with no help
Starving and crying is a deadly mix
Can somebody help us
Out of this state and bring us something new

A bunch of woke new people
Begging us too get out
We have fought for Years, months and days
And still no empathy
Endless women, men and children
Fighting for their safety

New Prime Ministers
Trying to make their countries happy
And not let them fall apart
But someone wishing to go to prison
Instead of their own country
Definitely needs a form of help

The many people in this world
That fight for these families
Are the real heroes
Why can we not see what others see
Why can we not fight for what others fight for
We have the right to defend the correct people
Give young children and adults the ability to open up
To our countries and tell their stories
To let them have a new beginning in our wonderful countries
Anyone no matter your past, culture or background
Everyone deserves a begging and an end

Their never ending journey is filled with heart break
Let them start today
Sharing our countries
Our homes
Our playgrounds
Our schools
And our peace as a whole community
Let hope bring us together
And write out stories down
Let these children dream and sleep
In a warm and comfy bed
Let these families have hope for the ones who are dead
Let them have a fresh new start
Let everyone play their part

I am scared, been fighting for my country
they can not fight as much as we do for each
other, no food, no water, no money, no home
        I am scared.

I am scared, cold and frightened
nobody to take care of me, not even a slum,
always begging on the streets, voiceless, powerless,
and no cleanliness, not even a single show
        I am scared.

The climate change is not funny, some of us are at home
dying, some of us might already have died from starvation,
some people are just so unbelievably rude to us.
We need to change the way people treat us, we need more by
far and change is very bad
        I am scared.

The world is flooding, our world is being destroyed, every penny
has been wasted on trash, rubbish dumped everywhere
and us homeless live any where, and get abused horribly
        I am scared.

Escaping reality is not easy, people yelling, crying
and being abused all around you, leaving that exact one
spot at that exact time, the feeling of being rained
and thundered on
        I am scared.

Running from danger
Expected to leave everything behind
Fear of the unknown
Uncertain of their future panic
Gasping for air in a state of panic
Exhausted by the journey.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Well my grass was browner than brown and was never greener. Always on the move we are to find grass that’s greener but never can I find it because there’s always another side.

Always on the move we are as it seems to be, we’ve passed through countries great and small it’s our destiny.

Through Israel to Turkey from Turkey to Greece, always are we on the move to find our resting place.

This journey has taken us great and far, we’ve crossed so many seas. But one thing I can tell you is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Though the world seems shady so many things grown wall and far reaching ecstasy. But just remember the grass is greener on the other side and yours.

Every day I hope to leave this place
but lose hope every day.
Every day I wish to go back home
but where is my home?
Every day feels like an eternity
trapped in this cage.
Every day I wait for food
but I never get much.
Every day I hope to explore the world
but not today,
but maybe one day.
I hope to leave this cage
but not today,
but maybe one day.
I never wanted to be a refugee


When you hear a bomb at night,
you are filled with sudden fright.
You run quickly out the house,
as quiet as a mouse.
You are met with chaos and destruction,
and don’t know where to run.
Your family come rushing out,
filled with fear and doubt.
You gather together,
and run for your lives.
In this world only the lucky survive.
You run and you run and you run till you can’t,
you stumble and trip but you can’t stop and start.
You can see the shelter of the station in the distance,
the more you run the further it seems to be.
Finally you arrive to safety and assistance,
A place of refuge for you and family.

A boy by himself lost in a war.
Fear gradually creeping up his
Alone. Confused. Anxious.
No one in the world knew a little boy
was all alone and afraid.
No body coming to his aid as
people abused him.
Armed people harmed him.
Until one day God had blessed him.
He was no longer a boy lost in a
He had no fear gradually creeping
up his back. He was now happy
reunited with his family. Now people
came to his aid as fast as they could.
All thanks to God.

When things are getting tough,
And there’s nowhere to go.
When fights gets rough,
And you’re at an all-time low.
When the skies are dark,
And the clouds are grey.
When life makes it’s mark,
Not in a good way.

Where do you go?
In times of trouble and woe,
Who do you cry to?
When the whole world seems a foe,
Who gives you love?
When you need it most,
Who checks up on you?
When you feel like a ghost.

Who is your refuge?
For me, it’s my mum.

Chocolate and a cup of tea,
Tissues and blankets for me,
Kind words and an eager ear,
She knows all my troubles,
And everything I fear,
Always happy to talk,
Gives me a hug when I cry,
I run to her shelter,
In my hardest times,
When I’m hit with bullets,
She stitches me up.
My shelter, my refuge, my safe, warm hug,
My lovely, helpful, thoughtful Mum.

I’m breathing too fast,
Thinking too slow.
I’m falling and failing,
With nowhere to go.
Not really, nowhere close.

Where it’s calm and quiet,
Lights turned down low.
Where no one is looking,
Neither friends nor foe.
Such a place doesn’t exist here,
It’s only in my head.

The sun in the sky,
Waves sadness away.
The grass green as ever,
Like someone flicked a lever,
To put a smile on my face,
And transport me to the place.
Where the night never ends,
And the world has no limits,
There’s a swing in the garden,
And a barn full of cats.
All the flowers you could think of,
All the fruit you could eat.
All the space you could need,
All the time making you free.

It’s there I go,
In my darkest hour.
At school, in bed, even in the shower.
It’s a place I’m grateful for,
My gran’s garden, far away
It’s my refuge, my shelter, my perfect place to say.

I sleep in my bed. To you or anyone, it is just a bed. But this is not mine. Mine is long gone. I am safe in sanction, as I am told. My feet are warm, but my heart is cold.

The wind brushes against the window. It whispers to me, echoing the voices of my people I left behind and fled.

I lie on this bed, belonging to another. Sleep eludes me throughout the night. The darkness envelops me completely. It holds onto me, tightening its grip.

My nightmares haunt me. I do not sleep anymore. I weep as I count the jumping sheep.

I repeat to myself, this is my home, a place to rest my feet. But deep down, I know this home is not my home. My home is a place far away. My home is the home where I took my first steps. My home is the home where I had my first talks. But MY home I fled. Now it’s no longer mine, just like this bed.

This is about a girl called Paula trying to get through her day but getting flashbacks from her past, later reassured its her imagination, and finds refuge in her mind.

Paula looked down at enough scars and bruises to last a lifetime
Awoken from the darkness to an alarm bell’s chime
The window was murky but now clean from the quick rain
Clouds crying and the trees swaying once in harmony again
As the kettle boiled her reflection screamed in a grim sight
A drip of water climbing the contents of a cup they might
She arranges them simultaneously as a dumb chore
The darn bell sounded as the boiling water settled once more
Out of her daydream back to the world in peace and not squalor
The tea bag was risen in shaky hands, a driven brawler
Placed gently to a mug of what hot and steam could burn off skin
Paula relaxed her shoulders, not tense as the water reached brim.
Lots of people tried to help Paula but not many succeed
Her past of abuse now reflect on the blood in pain she bleeds
A man arrived not long after today in the late hours
A tall figure approaching, statuesque compared to towers
Holding out hands for Paula’s shaking her both ruthlessly cold
His face showed nothing, the door shut softly but heavy as gold
Pain embarked a journey up her hands as heat travels through quick
From the cup of tea her father held just like performing tricks
She was safe at last from her nightmares awoke after shelter
May that tall man be her father or for now an unknown elder

Asleep I was,
Awake in my night-mare
the air was thick and grey
my mother with the rest of
the village crying, screaming,
The rotten smell of cooking meat
roared at my nose.
I woke up to my house dead

Is this a sign?
Please help me!

The year before last,
we go back to the past
The girl you see.
was no refugee.

The flags flew high,
the sun shone bright.
We played out all day.
nothing stood in our way.

The front line drew closer.
the bombs got louder.
Our only choice was to evade.
we knew we had to be brave.

We travelled so far.
with hope in our heart
Now the girl you see.

The squirrel reaches for its nuts, before finding refuge in the tree.
The hedgehog finds refuge in a pile of leaves.
The rabbit looks for refuge with its family deep underground.
The need for refuge, if we look, is all around.
Just like a baby bird seeks refuge under its mother’s wing.
A stable was a refuge for a baby who was born to be king.
It doesn’t matter who you are we all need to feel secure.
Refuge should be a place where you feel reassured.

Look at the world around you
How lucky you really are
Think of all those people
Who have to journey afar
How would you feel if people with guns
Came and knocked down your door
And forced you to go and run?
The journey would be deathly
And dangerous
So next time you think you are hard done to
Say you don’t get some sweets
Just remember that some people don’t even have a home

When you’re stressed
that’s all you think about

you want to relax and
have no doubt

think about happy moments
in your life

focus on times when
you felt alive

bring your attention to
your feelings,

are you happy, sad,
angry, confused or weeping

close your eyes and
be calm

always remember you
are a strong charm

We were forced to leave our home last summer.
When the sky turned grey and the iron clad troops marched through the streets,
And our anxieties had served their oppressive purpose,
We were made to leave.

We travelled miles,
Sometimes by train,
Occasionally by boat,
Usually by foot.
Never happy.

And then we arrived at our first camp,
We spent our days covered in regretful mud,
And our nights huddled up in the bitter winter breeze.
It wasn’t comfortable,
But somehow, it was better than home.
What was left of home.

A life event beyond your control.
Your family devastated.
Impossible to console.

The thoughts rushing through your head.
Where once you would have walked,
A wheelchair instead.

Being told that you’ll move to a Home.
With a capital h,
It isn’t your own.

Pondering what lies ahead.
Carers, being cared for,
Feelings of dead.

Arriving to find you are wrong.
You discover a family,
Somewhere you belong.

Finding refuge in this unlikely place.
Not the Home you had dreaded,
One with a small h.

I boarded a plane arriving in Spain,
getting away from the pain and the British rain.
When I first felt the heat my heart skipped a beat,
I was overcome with a sense of calmness with the golden sand under my feet.

My fears washed away with the sound of the sea,
in the first time in a long time I started to feel like me.
Time to look forward and not to look back,
I’m free I’m free I’m back on track.

I miss my old country,
and all of my friends.

I hope I can go back,
when the war finally ends.

My Dad is out fighting,
My uncle, brother and Grandad too.

I hope I will see them
again, very very soon.

Is It Death or Destiny?
Is it Sleeping under the Stars?
Or is your bed no longer safe?
Is it a summers boat ride?
Or a dinghy in the dark?
Is it Running a 5K?
Or Running for your life?
Is it going to school everyday?
Or not knowing if you might go again?
Why, when I was born here?
And you were born there?
Do I get to be safe?
And your life, is so unfair?

Mother says I’m going on a train today but what about her,
She says “I’m not coming with you though” I started to feel unsure.

I went to do what I was told,
“quick go pack your things” said mother, I stopped and thought for a second,
I just hope all the tickets have not all been sold.

We arrived at the platform with a load of other children there,
It was very busy but then I saw my friends so then I did not care.

Mother said “be brave for me, I might not be on the train with you but I’ll be there to see you leave” mother gave me my ticket for the train as she started to cry, she hugged and kissed me for the last time before we had to say goodbye.

The whistle blew for my train and people started to leave, I waved goodbye to mother
And left to go to a different country…

Bombs are falling
Children crying
Mothers calling
People dying

The sound of gunshot fills the air
Planes are swooping low to the ground
All the odds just seem unfair
Ears covered at the unearthly sound

Bombs are falling
Children crying
Mothers calling
People dying

People fleeing, screaming too
Just when people think they’ve lost
Just no-one knows what to do
Soldiers fighting but at what cost

Bombs are falling
Children crying
Mothers calling
People dying

Now at last the war has ended
And the sound of sirens had begun to cease
At last the country had been defended
Those who had fled can now return and live in peace

Remember not every one is as fortunate as you
Everyone should help those in need
Feel sympathy for the people in need
Unity is what brings us together
Great things happen when everyone chips in
Everyone won’t feel empathy but all can feel sympathy
Every time someone become in need we need to help