Poems about Goodbyes & Partings

we travelled north
and steadily through
mid september sunlight

the land fluctuated
as our conversation
among the 11 of us

the hills nurturing
the journey the rivers
soothing watching eyes

it was a goodbye
felt by us uncertain
as to how it would happen

in the temple
red green and gold
symmetry around the buddha

we joined the silent group
wrapped in chanting
and calling bells

time drawn out
as incense drifted
around the wooden casks

and conch shells drew us
to the final resting
to be the new journey

from within the temple cave
low continuous sound
slipped out in the sunlight

your ashes now
placed among
constant lull of prayer wheels

we dispersed to drink
coffee by the river
some smoked cigarettes

there was not much talk
as the journey took us south
down the motorway

somebody said quietly
when the ceremony had finished
that you were sure of new beginnings

Never forget Memory Lane.
Don’t treat it like a cul de sac.
Its very purpose in the brain
is the ongoing song of a skylark.

Don’t park your magic moments
on any old mud-centric farm track
because – first thing you know –
they’ll stick there till cows come back.

Always cherish Memory Lane.
Imitate the window cleaner bloke:
buff up each rainbow crystal pane
of perfect times. Go for broke

and stroll again down Memory Lane.
Friends will love to have you back –
not on Skype or Zoom or app –
but in the flesh, in The Lane again.

For once she was in my arms and I loved her
I held her close, and we lay as one…

And then she was gone, and lifeless was she, and loathe was I to ever let her go.

A tender arm gently drew us apart and as I rise up, so she moves effortlessly away her eyes never leaving mine

I’ll be back I said but spoke she not.

What sounds I heard, were hollow raptures of echoing soothing voices trying to find words of comfort in my moment of loss

A kindly voice promised to look after her now, unaware that she was my labour of love always was and always will be.

The shell that was she lay still and cold, but her life was all around me, I saw her in reflections heard her voice in echos and smelled her perfume on the wind.

For once she was in my arms and now gone, she lay in my mind’s eye, she speaks to me in whispers and shows herself when I am alone.

And at night when it’s dark and I am cold and fearful, when tears are welling, she reaches out to me, and fills me with dreams of that day when she will lay in my arms once more…

When wandering through the hay fields, think of me,
And stroke your cheek where my hand used to be.

Breathe in the musty scent of oak and ash,
As we used to when we sauntered down this path.

Dip your fingers in the waters of the stream,
And remember hours we sat here lost in dreams.

Making plans as sunshine danced among the trees,
Casting shadows when it bounced between the leaves.

Your smile is dear to me though time has passed
And memories made here will forever last.

Remember me as leaves turn golden brown
And gently start to flutter to the ground.

As you sit alone here in our special place
Do it with a smile upon your face.

I miss you still but glad our hearts entwined
And will be forever grateful you were mine.

I hop onto your grief like a tourist now
travel through the stops of your mind
by mapping your music
second guessing your mood from a distance
I lurk underground
in sinews of sorrow
gateways of guilt.
End of the line loneliness.
I jump on and off the bus
A ghostly companion:
I’m right beside you.
Can’t you feel me?
I’ll get the strength to press the bell
Let you pull away
But not yet
Not quite yet.

I have been looking for you
I think I caught a glimpse,
at the pink of peonies,
reduced at the entrance of Aldi.

I was looking for you last night
In the echoes of footsteps,
on the kerbs of Yew Tree

I was looking for you
In remnants of laughter
stuck to the artworks
on the side of its houses

On the route to curry mile,
I was looking for a hand in your hand,
under an umbrella

Searching and searching
I was looking at a wound not so old,
made up of my own reflections

You think you have won
But you have lost it all
With your cheating heart
And your cheating ways
My mind’s made up
I’m leaving you today
Just be on your way

A loving heart frozen
strangled over time
Lies that slip off the tongue
No thought on your actions
My mind’s made up
I’m leaving you today
Just be on your way

All the hours alone, waiting, wondering
Crying with hurt, humiliated
For a man made of ice
You love no one but yourself
My mind’s made up
I’m leaving you today
Just be on your way

Has she found out the truth?
Is she leaving you too?
You are too selfish to learn
That it is you, hurting you
Her mind’s made up
She’s leaving you today
Just be on your way

You will be a lonely soul
Will you never learn
Look to yourself
To be honest and true
For their mind’s made up
And you will forever
Just be on your way