Poems from Cardinal Allen Catholic High School, Fleetwood

My home is beautiful,
But now it is a misery,
Now I’m going away to live a life of sadness,
To a place so ugly,
To people who can’t understand me,
To find a place in my most feared nightmares,
Cause that one thing ruined me,
I was the only one standing.


They want to stay
But they can’t
Your homes are safe
But theirs aren’t
They’re not
Gangsters and mobs
Here to steal your jobs
Thieves being chased by the police
They just want to be safe
A happy house to stay
I’m trying to say
Let them live ok
Or even better help them out
You think they are bad but you’re in doubt
So donate and support
As this is their last resort
Open your heart
And let them be part
Of their new life and journey

From hectic grounds
To safe towns
We aren’t who you think
But there are some people who aren’t as quick
Just because we left something horrible doesn’t mean we’ve taken it with us
From town to town
City to city
For whatever reason they’ve just been too busy
We aren’t your enemies
If that’s what you thought
We try to live normal lives just like yours
We need your help

Pleading at our feet,
Begging for help,
Struggling for resources,
Flashbacks of their escapes,

Destruction and abolition,
Bangs and crashes,
Havoc evolving,
Animals darting away,

They need help,
They need a hand,
Arms needed to be opened,

They aren’t good people,
You mustn’t think,
They should be pushed away,
Walls to keep them out,
Let them suffer,
You can’t,

They don’t have a choice,
They came here for our help,
Not to steal our jobs,
Take our money,
But to feel safe,
Take them into our lifes.

I wish they could disappear
Away from this life of fear.
I can’t stand to hear the screams
While their homes are blown to smithereens.
I wish I could stop this madness
And stop the sadness.
I wish I could stop the children crying
I wish I could stop the fighting.
The soldiers stand at their protection
While the rest of the world stand and watch the destruction.
And they look in the other direction.
Where no one gets hurt
No people or places lost
And I wish they would stop and think about their decisions.
The world pretends to give them hope,
That they will come out the other way
But all I know
Is that they would see them as refugees, always.
They all want to act like they feel sorry for them
But I know if we truly did
We would save them.
Whisk them away into the safe lands
But if we did
We and they would be the enemy.
They have stolen our jobs
They get to go to the best schools for free
We pay for their benefits
But we should feel sorry.
I hear about the tragedy
It’s not ok to sit and listen
And yet the whole world ignores.
But they pretend they know
I can see the sores.
I want them to be safe
I want to stop them.
But I know
I can’t protect them alone.
They’re families are in danger
And I can’t stand it
I wish it would stop
I wish they could hear
I wish it would disappear

The people who escaped death
How they were treated unfairly for being who they are
Even though they did nothing wrong

Help is all they want
Obnoxious bigots ruined their lives
Love is all they need
Only they understand their pain
Can we help them feel relived after they’ve finally escaped
All we can do is hope, that one day they go back to normality
United with loved ones and back at home
Surviving what might be the worst moments of their lives
This truly is a nightmare, but we’ll help them live their dream.


hunder crackles through the sky,
Covering the sound of a child’s cry,
Hundreds…No millions of people have fled,
Leaving behind those who have bled,

Fleeing through the hills,
Climbing up above the kills, As body’s lay,
Some where not lucky enough to get away…

Children whimper in fear,
Which is pain to any a mothers ear,

Gunshots ring out into the night
People know better than to put up a fight,

Soldiers shoot here and there,
And people run to find shelter elsewhere…

As night brought day
And day brought night,
People were beginning to lose the fight…

But some kept hope to see the light again.

Bullets hurriedly race,
Like my heart paced.
I’m worried to leave,
Although I need somewhere to hide.
I want to go home,
But that’s not a place anymore.
Living in terror
Is no way to live life.
No country will take us,
Although were humans to.
I wish this wasn’t happening,
Why me?
People look at us like were aliens,
Were just the same as you.
If you were in my shoes,
You would ask for help to.

R is for refuge, which effected their mental
health and quality of life.
E is for escape, as they were all so scared and
sought peace of mind day after day.
F is for fright, which was the main feeling
running through their minds.
U is for unknowing, as they had no idea what
they would have to face next.
G is for gore, because of the constant vision of
wounded people around them.
E is for extreme weather conditions, which
caused injury when attempting to escape the
hell around them.