We’re damaging this planet with deforestation
Ridding habitats just for a lousy train station
Driving bulky cars on many many roads
My goodness, we’re polluting the air loads

The wildlife is suffering, we need to make a move
Ride a bike or plant some trees, that’s the way to groove!
Help the planet, grow some veg
Don’t put our planet on the edge

Trains, boats, trams, all of the above
Are hurting creatures big and small, as harmless as a dove!
Big metal tubes flying through the air
You’d really risk the ozone layer just for a comfy chair?

It’s not just on the land, it’s in the sea too
We shouldn’t just forget about it because it’s big and blue
The species in the sea are dying ‘cause of you
Can’t you just re-use a plastic bottle or two?

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, that’s what they all say
Stop the whole earth from going dull and grey
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle is that okay?
Be the good guy and save the day!