When It Changed: Science Into Fiction


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An anthology of stories edited by Geoff Ryman. Collaborating between leading scientists and literary authors, this unique experiment creates a new strain of science fiction by extending the repertoire of the genre beyond the common places of space travel, time travel, and artificial intelligence. Through the use of diverse, credible, and contemporary research areas – from Planck length to plankton and virtual conversations between Wittgenstein and Turing to future civilizations torn asunder by differences over particle physics – these stories reinstate the furnace of scientific endeavour. Text taken from Fantastic Fiction.

“‘Highly engaging and fascinating… this thought-provoking collection reminded me why I used to like science fiction so much… Eventually, one hopes, science fiction will regain its rightful place – as once again stranger than science.’”  – The Guardian

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Geoff Ryman (Ed): When it Changed-Science into Fiction

Synopsis: An attempt to put authors and scientists back in touch with each other, to re-connect research ideas with literary concerns and to re-forge the alloy that once made SF great. Text from Comma Press.

Author: Various authors inc. Sara Maitland, Ken MacLeod, Geoff Ryman, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Michael Arditti
Title: When It Changed
Publisher: Comma Press
ISBN: 9781905583195
Original Publication Date: 2009
This Edition Published: 2009
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 276

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