Layla AlAmmar: Silence is a Sense


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“Lyrical, moving, revealing.” – Tracy Chevalier

“Such beautiful writing… A little bit Rear Window, a little bit Home Fire, a little bit Shameless. I loved it” – Louisa Young

“Daring and devastating” – Fiona Mozley

“Compelling and original, Silence Is a Sense is uncomfortably close to the bone, depicting a country riven by racism and violence” – Observer

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Synopsis: A young woman spends her days watching the neighbours through their windows. She is a refugee, who has seen the failure of the Arab Spring in her homeland and who has been traumatized into silence by her brutal journey from Syria to Britain.

As an outsider, a mute voyeur, she sees everything, she hears everything: the love, the fighting, the families, the secrets, the lies, the sex, the shame. Slowly drawn into the community that surrounds her, she begins to come to terms with all she has lost. After a brutal attack on the local mosque, she realises she is the only witness to the truth behind the violence. But will she finally speak of all she’s seen?

Rear Window meets Exit West, this beautifully written novel tells the powerful story of one woman’s trauma and her gradual healing. – Amazon

Author: Layla Alammar
Title: Silence is a Sense
Publisher: The Borough Press
ISBN: 9780008346690
Original Publication Date: March 2021
This Edition Published: Jan 2022
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256

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