Dear Body – Hannah Hodgson


Hannah Hodgson, who suffers from an array of conditions that dramatically affect her life, draws on her own illness and disability in an explicit and courageous way, with direct and artful poems that raise questions about the relationship between personal identity, the physical body and our place in the world.

“In this remarkable pamphlet, Hannah Hodgson maps out the territory and shifting borders between the body and the self. With a careful and clear-eyed lyricism, she examines how disability and illness mean constant negotiation with a society that too often finds it easier to look away. This is poetry that needed to be written and a voice that deserves to be heard.” – Kim Moore

Hannah has been published in a number of literary magazines, won several young poets competitions and been poet in residence at Lakes Alive and Kendal Poetry festivals. She has a YouTube channel ( where she talks about her illnesses and reviews books and poetry collections.

Hannah worked with Litfest on the Poetry Mosaic for the Litfest Autumn Weekend.

This pamphlet is supplied post free and will be sent direct via Wayleave Publishers.



Author: Hannah Hodgson
Title: Dear Body
Publisher: Wayleave
ISBN: 9781999972806
Binding: Paperback