A Choice of Options by Peter Haywood

Bob was a waiter at a cafe in town
But being a bit clumsy he got his boss down.
So one day he told Bob his job it must end
The shop’s reputation he needs to defend.

But Bob felt misused, so he plotted revenge
his sudden dismissal he planned to avenge.
So just before closing on Bob’s final day
he quietly brought his plan into play.

Under a table he secured a dead fish ,
with some satisfaction his last parting wish.
Bob may have been finished by a gesture unkind,
but days it would take them his dead fish to find.

A fortnight had passed when Bob got a letter
his Boss said a visit would make him feel better.
‘We know what it is, and we know why you did it,
so come back and show us the old kipper fillet .’

Hence a lesson was learned that was hard to forget
but alas there was little sign of regret.
Be warned that our actions can come back again
And when they do that they can cause us more pain.

It’s all about choice at the end of the day
Each moment of time we choose our own way.
But our choices today impinge on tomorrow
so make each with care to avoid future sorrow.

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