The Little One by Michele A Holden

You arrived in a time unparalleled
A perfect, shining star
Pure, fragile, vulnerable
Forced to be loved from afar

We listened, gazed and whispered
In tranquil, peaceful hush
Though what we longed for, yearned for
Was to nestle, cosset, touch

Seasons unfurled slowly
Awakening senses new
Time sauntered, regardless
Of our plight, our care for you

Measure of cautious plans futile
Shattered, broken dreams
Milestones fulfilled, yet unsung
Memories? Scroll on a screen

Solace in gradual progress
Forethought at each wary step
Values now modified duly
Refreshing our hopes and concepts

Now release the chains of constraint
Cherish your liberty
Live your life, seize the moment little one
Our choice will set you free

Decision by Anne Holloway

Morning brings sickness,
the time is not right for me.

I choose to keep you.

Wombtide by Deirdre Haran Wheatley

Sea-salted, washing with the moon’s pull,
in out rhythm pearling the egg
to the slick of conception.
Ambient slosh and flow
ripples with the heart’s pulse
bathing, shaping, curling
a liquescent burgeoning.
‘Til evolution’s turn
takes fledgling feet tottering
first steps onto land.

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