Invisible Screens by Aneesh de Vos

You don’t see me
You don’t hear me
You don’t know me.
You walk your side
Leaving …
Without any room for me.
I’m behind here
Not in your view
I’m alone there
Out of sight.

Tears are close now
I’m alone now
Behind the screen.
Because you say you can’t hear me
You walk away hurriedly
And I’m alone now.

You don’t know me
You didn’t see me in the life I lived before
You didn’t see the colours surrounding me
You never met me from your side of the screen.

I have lived there
I have been there
I haven’t forgotten
I haven’t lost the memories behind this screen.
Memories of belonging
As I remember times gone by.
In the past
Less pain
Less hurt surrounded me.

Without me thinking
Without you seeing me
When no one hears me
I scream behind the screen
In privacy I escape the past.
My pain surrounds me
My outward self protects me
My homelessness removes my past identity.

Because you don’t hear me
You don’t see me
And you never want to feel me.

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