Human Choice by Bev Clark

I may be a writer, an artist or a poet;
an intellectual student, studying just to know it.
I may be an alias, a pen-name, a-another.
I may be a housewife, a partner or a mother.
I may be bi-sexual, heterosexual, gender fluid.
I may be a Christian, a Muslim or Druid.
I may be a preacher, a teacher or a showman.
Whatever I choose – it’s all part of being Human.

I am be a singer, an acrobat or dancer.
I may be a gambler, an addict or a chancer.
I may be a medic, a carer or good neighbour.
I may even be a millionaire who chooses to vote labour.
I may ask the questions for I don’t know all the answers.
I may be the quiet one who only throws the glances.
I may be unemployed, self-employed or seek promotion.
I may run a marathon, climb a mountain; swim an ocean.
I may be super confident – or shy and unassuming
Sometimes the choice is hard: it’s all part of being human.

I may travel seven continents; run the backstreets of a city.
I may paint a masterpiece; sprawl the walls with cool graffiti.
I may marvel at the sunset and tremble at the thunder;
look out on the universe – be in awe of all its wonder;
hold a flower in my hand and watch its petals falling-
Life offers us so much –What it is to be human!

Mae (Year 7, LGGS)

I try to decide as I fly
How do I tell them I’m bi?
I soar around and look down at the ground
And I realise it’s time to try
I land in front of them, “Hey guys, I’m bi.”
“Oh Split, you did it!” they cry
They hug me tightly, and I decide that it was right to try.

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