Once was full of lush green trees, vegetation everywhere,
Flowers blooming, birds singing, the delightful smell of fresh air,
Crystal clear oceans, smooth golden sand,
Birds gracefully soaring across the land,
Quiet, clean roads, clear blue skies,
Scenic views of the sunrise.

But now there are few trees, little bits of vegetation here and there,
Flowers withering, birds wheezing, the smell of smoke-filled air,
Plastic-filled oceans, brown, dirty sand,
Fewer birds helplessly crying across the land,
Noisy, car-filled roads, polluted grey skies,
The world worsening each sunrise.

But all hope is not lost, there are things you can do to put an end to all of this,
Pick up rubbish, clean the beaches, all this helps put an end to the crisis,
Use reusable bags and cups, recycle paper and plastic,
Don’t litter, it will just make the poor animals sick,
Wear environment-friendly clothes, they’re great!
Do this all now, before it’s too late…