My world is changing at a rapid pace.

Through the seasons,

Through the years,

Even through the minutes.

Outside the window,

At my school,

I see the wind blowing,

The trees wavering,

And the leaves falling to the ground,

Ending their lives a little too early.


My world is full of change,

Climate change,

People change,

School change,

Season change,

Each day I go through,

A little bit more change,

A little more struggle,

To get through each day.


I realise now,

That I could be,

The one the world has been waiting for,

But how to get my little voice heard,

Over the many wonders of this world,

The sweet melody of whale song,

The cheeping of baby birds,

On their first flying outing,

The planet weeping silently as we damage her oceans,

And she is weeping because she is the habitat to us,