*Warning: some of the content or language in this poem may be unsuitable for younger readers.*

Do you remember the day that you said the pain would slowly drift away. And do you remember the time when I couldn’t hold my head up high. Maintaining eye contact became a living hell. I believed you could see my hurt as I hid in my shell. I destroyed my self daily in my own mind. I isolated more and more from the tears inside that I tried to hide. My heart was in turmoil at times I just wanted to die. Terrified of being exposed as some who feels to much I hid behind walls.
The fear increased and stole my inner peace. I reach out and asked for help
I connected to the world again, I had my doubts. You took my hand and sat with me for a while. You sat there patiently caring until I started to smile. You took the time to ask me about me and listened to my woes.
And even when I lost my shit you never closed the door. You said keep connected my friend life has so much more in store.
You helped me address the hurt that’s deep within my core. I shouted out in fear again.
And In a kind voice you calmly stared deep into my eyes, And said Don’t worry my friend.
I’ve walked this path before.
SJS 27/12/2021