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March 2021

The Litfest Big Read: A. M. Dassu

A story of survival, of family, of bravery and sudden reversals of fortune. In a world where we are told to see refugees as the ‘other’, this story will remind readers that ‘they’ are also ‘us’. ...
12 Mar
6:00 pm

Litfest International Fiction Book Club: Andrey Kurkov – Grey Bees

In the no-man’s-land between loyalist and separatist forces, lies the Ukrainian village of Little Starhorodivka. Thanks to the sporadic violence and constant propaganda of the on-off war only two residents remain: retired safety inspector turned beekeeper Sergey Sergeyich and his school-days ‘frenemy’, Pashka. But now that winter’s over, how is Sergey going to get his bees through the battle lines to feast on the pollen beyond? ...
15 Mar
6:30 pm

Reading the City: The Book of Ramallah

The Palestinian city of Ramallah is a place of countless contradictions; defiant in its resistance against the Israeli occupation, but frustrated and divided by its own secrets and conservatism. Through humour, and precious moments of intimacy, however, these stories give us a glimpse of life inside this city of refuge, and provide an image of hope in an impossible situation. ...
16 Mar

Sarah Hall in Conversation

Sarah Hall is one of the most highly praised novelists writing in Britain today and has twice been winner of the BBC Short Story Award. Born in Carlisle, most of her novels are set in the northwest, including Haweswater (2002) and The Wolf Border (2015), while her short stories have won her wide recognition as a doyenne of the form. ...
17 Mar
7:30 pm
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