I look around me in the park
Where me and my friends played in the dark
Many trees have now disappeared
And the healthy grass now in tears.

Forests are where animals can breed
Trees are all gone because of greed,
Shame on you look what you’ve done
No homes for those who are not far from gone.

There is nothing left for MY future
You’ve had YOURS
Now what about mine?
A problem rising, many say it’s fine
No one realises that this is a crime.

Nothing is left but the starving monkeys
The drowning polar bears
The subtle waves are now a wreck
Adorned with many bits and bobs
That kill the animals one by one.
What will we do when there are no greets
From every animal that we wish to see
When it’s gone its gone, no turning back
Don’t be sad when nothing’s left
Make an action do the best
So, what will YOU do to beat the rest?