when told i was given an issue
i stayed in a hospital with pale green walls
plenty of conversation laced with cold coffee
between what was known as treatments

somewhere something or someone
kept knocking
but my private thinking
was only displayed when walking or watching

out there the eternal motorway
was sounding through the nearby woods

when getting over being so confused
for respite the nurse took me
to walk in the park across the road

there the landscape was pleasantly unchanged
since the time you and i walked together
as lovers when the sky was warm
when the bandstand sounded out a jolly tune
which i am sure we danced to

but now there is no future or returning
to our house to drink some wine
and giggle at ourselves

for when i am full of the issues
all the horizons are grey wrapped around drapes
things circle like may flies refusing to stop

that stuff is not me
it delivers what the world is doing at the time
settling as i sleep into the 4am curfew

now very little is said about that past
particularly when digging the soil
to plant sweetcorn and daisies on the allotment

there to face out the issue with a
pleasant madness that suits me fine

( i don’t blame you for not visiting
i don’t think I would visit simply because
i would not know what to say )