In trees
You’ll notice the breeze
It brings things from far away,
Like, how the sea’s doing,
What the weather will be like today,
And whether to expect the rain.
In trees
There’s a sense of quiet living things
That’s pleasing.
Lineages of insects and invertebrates
Getting on with things,
At their ease.
In trees
There’s stillness and movement.
In trees
There’s life and death and rebirth,
From roots to leaves,
And in seeds
There’s almost timelessness.
In trees
There’s togetherness
And solitude,
And almost silence,
And cacophonous noise,
When the wind blows,
And each leaf shouts
With its own voice.
In trees,
All along,
There’s been bird song,
And the birds will tell you
What’s going on,
Even what is right
And what is wrong,
If you listen to them
In trees.