Warm nights
Gloomy nights
Light rain
Acid rain
Silver skies
Stormy skies
Sunny summers
Long summers
Dark winter nights
Snowy winter nights
We do not complain
We do not wince
Through it all.
We do not smile
We do not wonder or know
If better days would come.
Though our hearts are hopeful
Our faith is firm.
We know what to do
We know what would take us there.

If we save the animals, if we save the space
If we save the water, if we save the light
If we close the gaps between walls built
Close them with love from gladdened souls
If we hold loose sand in one palm just a moment longer
So it only feels the heat of the Earth’s warmth all around
It won’t fight, it won’t bite – it may be what will make it right

Then we may go to sleep knowing a brighter sun awaits
When all would, undisturbed, awake.