Litfest aims to make its festivals accessible to as wide an audience as possible. This page has information about access to venues and online events for Litfest’s Autumn Wekend 2023.

There are accessibility features built into the Litfest website — you can find these by clicking on the red “person” symbol on the right-hand side of the page.

If you have enquiries about access, or specific accessibility needs for Litfest events, you can email [email protected] or phone our office at 01524 582394. (Our office is only staffed part-time, so please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.)

You can also contact any of our partner venues to find out about specific venues — details are given below.

The Storey is wheelchair-accessible and equipped with a hearing loop.

Full accessibility information can be found here.  For access queries, contact 01524 582 226 or email [email protected]

Litfest events are held in The Round, which is fully wheelchair accessible. There are facilities for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

The seats in The Round have backs but no arm-rests. If you have concerns about seating during an event please contact the Dukes directly using the details below.

Full information on accessibility at the Dukes can be found here.  For access queries, contact the Dukes on 01524 598514 or email [email protected].

Closed captioning is built into the platform we use for our online events (Crowdcast).

You will need to enable captions by clicking the three vertical dots in the lower right corner of the screen and selecting the ‘Captions’ option.