People’s pillars of fumes,
drifting across the sky;
Birds and bugs galore,
No longer flying by.

Our oceans could be full of dreams,
Turtles and coral too;
Instead, it’s full of nuts and bolts,
And careless things flushed down the loo.

Animals plea ’Help us please!’
‘We’re too weak to rule’
We took that as an opportunity,
For being tyrants and extremely cruel.

Our world is crumbling day by day,
The heat is increasing ray by ray.
We have a chance if we start now
We’ll do it together and here’s how:

Switch to more ethical products although it may be tough,
We’ll always try to refill and reuse our stuff;
Another thing to do is invest in a reusable cup,
Although it may seem simple our efforts all add up.