This is my forest.
I’ve known it all my life.
I know all it’s nooks and secrets.
I’ll show you – If you’d like?

Take my hand.
I’ll take the lead.
I’ll show you things you cannot see
with city eyes – so follow me.

Ancient trees and mossy rocks
I’ll show you how to climb and cross.
The fallen trees we’ll stoop beneath.
We’ll smell the freshly rained on leaves.
We’ll pick up sticks and make believe!

Like fresh green tea!
Don’t you find it refreshing?
Cleansing? Soothing?
Take a deep breath in!

Hold up those nostrils.
Savour the scent!
Potent. Ancient. Peaceful
and yet
it’s busy and bursting and bustling with life
and if you look hard enough with the right sort of eyes
you’ll see more than just trees.

You’ll see Gaia.
Because this is her forest.
It’s not really mine.