What is Litfest?

What is Litfest?
Litfest is a volunteer board-run organisation operating in Lancaster and the surrounding areas.  We put on a full festival programme every year, and we’re also involved in a whole host of other events and projects.

We’ve been lucky to have lots of exciting authors, poets and illustrators involved with the festival over the years, and we hope to continue that legacy in the future.

The Board
Our board is currently comprised of seven members: Julie Bell (Chair), Natalie Sorrell Charlesworth, Jake Hope, Bill Swainson,  Olivia Egdell-Page, Emma Crighton and Samantha Corder.

You can view Litfest’s long-term strategy here.

If you have enquiries, feel free to get in touch via our Contact page.

Litfest would like to thank its regular funder Lancaster City Council

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