There is a randomness to trees that makes them so much like people.
All…………..a variety of sizes, rough and smooth, hidden behind a bark of crackle.
Affected by nature, climate and life.

Taking the trunk as a strength of character.
Let the branches be experience and how they can reach out to others.
Do we reveal the emotions behind the bark? or stay hidden beneath the textures ?

Take, hide and expose the beauty of nature and kindness of life, the growth of yourself.
Be part of a forest, street or stand alone.

Reach out to drink the sunshine, grow from the inside to the outside.
Reach up to the galaxy and explore to see……………..just to see……….

Say nothing to others and live beyond your branches.

Give life, take cover and enjoy the beauty.
Touch others, but be strong to live close and yet away.
Be part of life, stay alone and reach up to the stars.
Grow, live and be independent .
Stand tall lovely trees and just be you !