Parakeets sing their songs of praise,
Rain droplets drip down from yesterday’s rain fall,
Making the leaves of exotic plants droop from the weight.
Thousands of Brazil nut trees and kapok trees loom high above, each tree with an inhabitant in,
From poison-dart frogs, to capybaras,
The rainforest is full of thriving life.
Flowers bloom open,
Wasps and bees fly around in search for pollen,
Capybaras and black howler monkeys drink from the small pools of water left from the rainfall.
Dirt covers the floor,
Poo droplets in trails leading to nowhere.
Rivers flowing with water that the animals of this forest drink from.
Piranhas swim in the rivers,
Eating anything that comes near them.
This is the forest that everything feels welcome,
This is their place they call home.