A futuristic news flash: a prophecy to rue –
if you don’t want to hear the result, then you know what to do.
Climate change is critical – which, let’s face it – is only fair,
for the King had often warned us all when he was just the heir.
We haven’t been that diligent and now we’re on the brink,
if each planet was a person, would this be what they think?

Mercury is unconcerned – alternatively scorched and frozen,
closest to her only sun – she feels the one most chosen.
The second planet is struggling having drunk a lot of beer
after visiting a bar on Mars that had no atmosphere;
the name of that said planet, you’ll know its name is Venus,
thinking of a word that rhymes, I sat and scratched my … head, but couldn’t think of one.
Mars had been the next in line for earthlings to explore,
but she didn’t think it would be long before they wanted more.
They all laughed when hearing Uranus, but he wasn’t very pleased;
if earth had made an arse of things – he’s not to be appeased.
Neptune reigned from a distant shore and couldn’t care a less,
the tide was never going to turn so earth was in a mess.
Jupiter was not surprised and knew earth was getting hot;
her surface was spreading crimson from her giant famed red spot.
Saturn ran rings around them all and told them not to worry;
I’m too far out, man, to feel the heat – so I’m ordering a curry.
Pluto was suffering from Disney spells and didn’t know where to turn,
but thought his icy globe right now was starting a slow burn.

The last time the planets met was when dinosaurs ruled the earth
and now it seems that nothing’s changed since that early birth.
The planets thanked each other for their time and space,
and wondered how long earth had got without the human race.