In quiet mountain pastures on this given day,
I heard a little groan as a piece of ice broke away.
Like natures little tear drops it shattered on the rocks,
then across the mountain with the forest spread before,
the mountain ice melted in torrents it did flow.
It swept away all the creatures and the forest lived
no more.
The blazing sun burnt the soil and turned it into dust,
along came the wind with gust after gust.
It was then the frost began to creep and life was in a
wakeless sleep.
Now the planet was dormant,not everything was dead,
but unfortunately for mankind on this earth he no longer
The planet will recover in millennia maybe more,
If there is a place for mankind we will never know.
Because of mankind’s apathy everything had to die.
As for mankind he is just a giant dust cloud darkening
the sky