Summer 2020 Projects

Litfest 2020 had just got off the ground in March when Covid-19 obliged us to cancel. In the weeks afterwards we thought about what we could do to entertain our audiences during lockdown and its aftermath as we slowly
discover what the new normal is. We decided that a set of podcasts and videos, that both entertained and encouraged everyone to get involved, and available as free downloads would be the way to go.
Now, thanks to an emergency grant from Arts Council England, we are delighted to announce:

‘Walking Solo’

(17 July)
podcasts of local walks by Polly Atkin and Jenn Ashworth, with an open invitation for anyone anywhere to send in their own 15-20 podcast by 21st August 2020

‘Haroun the Cat and other Characters’

(31 July)
A set of four videos on children’s illustration by children’s author and illustrator, Nadine Kadaan, with an open invitation for illustrators to send in their own work.

‘A New Divan: A Lyrical Dialogue Between East & West’

(September 2020)
An international poetry podcast, presented by Paul Farley, with 10 poems from around the world in their original language and in English, with an open invitation to readers send in their favourite translated poems on these themes.