To celebrate National Poetry Day on 5 October, Litfest is delighted to launch The Litfest ‘Refuge’ Poetry Mosaic. We invite everyone to contribute, especially Northwest poets!

The theme for National Poetry Day this year is ‘Refuge’. Litfest invites you to explore this idea in all its forms, including:

  • Refuge from fear, danger, war
  • Climate change, extreme weather
  • Flight, escape, crossings of all kinds in search of safety
  • Mental refuge, security and peace of mind
  • Physical refuge and/or sanctuary

You can use the form linked below to submit your poem to the mosaic. Please upload poems in text form (ideally a Word Document or PDF). If you wish to submit multiple poems (up to three) you will need to resubmit the form each time.

All accepted poems will be added to the mosaic, which will be revealed on our website before the event. After the event, all submitted and accepted poems will remain online in the ‘Poetry Mosaic’ as a permanent resource.

Submissions are now closed, and selected poets will be contacted by Litfest in the first week of October.