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Jonathan Sims: Family Business

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A bone-chilling horror from the acclaimed writer of Thirteen Storeys and hit horror podcast The
Magnus Archives
‘A triumph, thriving on relatable fears, hyper-realistic dirty homes, and understandable grief. This
novel has the momentum of a train with no breaks’ The Fantasy Hive
When Diya Burman’s best friend Angie dies, it feels like her own life is falling apart. Wanting a fresh
start, she joins Slough & Sons – a family firm that cleans up after the recently deceased.
Old love letters. Porcelain dolls. Broken trinkets. Clearing away the remnants of other people’s lives,
Diya begins to see things. Horrible things. Things that get harder and harder to write off as merely
her grieving imagination. All is not as it seems with the Slough family. Why won’t they speak about
their own recent loss? And who is the strange man that keeps turning up at their jobs?
If Diya’s not careful, she might just end up getting buried under the family tree. . .
‘Family Business is a story about keeping secrets and remembering loved ones, told in a plain,
unfussy style whose groundedness makes the book’s unfolding sense of dread all the more
tangible’ Financial Times
Jonathan Sims is a writer, performer and games designer whose work primarily focuses on the
macabre, the grotesque, and the gentle touch of creeping dread. He is the mind and the voice
behind acclaimed horror podcast The Magnus Archives, high octane space-cabaret The Mechanisms
and some of your favourite nightmares. He lives in Walthamstow with the two best cats and an
overwhelming backlog of books that he really should get round to. Thirteen Storeys, his first book, is
available in paperback; his second book, Family Business, was recently published in hardback.


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