John Vidal, Fevered Planet: How Diseases Emerge When We Harm Nature


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A timely and urgent investigation from John Vidal, Environment Editor of the Guardian for nearly thirty years, into how the destruction of nature is releasing disease into our societies.

Covid-19, mpox, bird flu, SARS, HIV, AIDS, Ebola; we are living in the Age of Pandemics – one that we have created. As the climate crisis reaches a fever pitch and ecological destruction continues unabated, we are just beginning to reckon with the effects of environmental collapse on our global health. Fevered Planet exposes how the way we farm, what we eat, the places we travel to and the scientific experiments we conduct create the perfect conditions for deadly new diseases to emerge and spread faster and further than ever.

Published 2023

Hardback: 352 pages

ISPN: 9781526632272

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Drawing on the latest scientific research and decades of reporting from more than 100 countries, former Guardian environment editor John Vidal takes us into deep, disappearing forests in Gabon and the Congo, valleys scorched by wildfire near Lake Tahoe and our densest, polluted cities to show how closely human, animal and plant diseases are now intertwined with planetary destruction. He calls for an urgent transformation in our relationship with the natural world, and expertly outlines how to make that change possible.

Vital, urgent, and forensic – John Vidal’s unflinching examination of pandemic risk should be a wake-up call in capitals throughout the world. Unless we change course, Covid could be just the tip of an iceberg of even more deadly and disruptive diseases to come. Transforming our relationship with the natural world is essential for both human and planetary health – Fevered Planet expertly shows us how — Caroline Lucas MP

Urgent, fascinating and essential, Fevered Planet tells a crucial story that most of us have missed — George Monbiot

In his impressive yet scary book Fevered Planet: How Diseases Emerge When We Harm Nature (Bloomsbury), environmental journalist John Vidal makes a compelling case for humanity to transform its relationship with the natural world — Independent

John Vidal was born and brought up in West Africa. As one of the world’s most experienced journalists and environment editor of the Guardian (1997–2023), he has reported on the climate crisis, disease and ecological change from more than 100 countries. He is the author of McLibel.

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