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Jenn Ashworth: A Kind of Intimacy


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“Evokes a damaged mind with th empathy and confidence of Ruth Rendell” – Kate Saunders, The Times

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Synopsis: Annie is obese, lonely and hopeful. Armed with self-help books, her cat and a collection of cow-shaped milk jugs, she moves into her new home and sets about getting to know the neighbours, especially the man next door. She ignores her neighbour’s inconvenient girlfriend, but it’s not quite as easy for Annie to dismiss her own past. As Annie’s murky history of violence, secrets and sexual mishaps catches up with her, she cannot see that she has done anything wrong. She’s just doing what any good neighbour would do, after all… (Text from Google Books)

Author: Jenn Ashworth
Title:A Kind of Intimacy
Publisher: Arcadia
ISBN: 9781906413064
Original Publication Date: 2009
This Edition Published: 2009
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 282


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