George Monbiot: Regenesis Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet


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Published 2022
Paperback 352 pages
ISBN: 9780141992990

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‘People from all walks of life should read this remarkable book. It is in my view one of the

two or three most important books to appear this century’

Professor Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government

Farming is the world's greatest cause of environmental destruction – and the one we are

least prepared to talk about. We criticise urban sprawl, but farming sprawls across thirty
times as much land. We have ploughed, fenced and grazed great tracts of the planet, felling
forests, killing wildlife, and poisoning rivers and oceans to feed ourselves. Yet millions still
go hungry. But, as George Monbiot shows us in this brilliant, bracingly original new book, we
can resolve the biggest of our dilemmas and feed the world without devouring the planet.
Regenesis is a breathtaking vision of a new future for food and for humanity. Drawing on
astonishing advances in soil ecology, Monbiot reveals how our changing understanding of
the world beneath our feet could allow us to grow more food with less farming and replace
the age of extinction with an age of regenesis.

‘A fascinating and ultimately positive book … a harmonic vision of how changing our
relationship to land use, farming and the food that we eat could transform our lives’

Thom Yorke

George Monbiot is an author, Guardian columnist and environmental campaigner. His
bestselling books include Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life, Heat: How We Can
Stop the Planet Burning and Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis. George
co-wrote the concept album Breaking the Spell of Loneliness with musician Ewan McLennan,
and has made a number of viral videos. One of them, adapted from his 2013 TED talk, How
Wolves Change Rivers, has been viewed on YouTube more than 40 million times. Another,
Natural Climate Solutions for the Climate Crisis, which he co-presented with Greta
Thunberg, has been watched more than 60 million times.

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