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Domenico Starnone: Trust


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A sharp, breath-taking exploration of love and relationships.

“Trust unfolds with all the tension of a thriller despite much of the action taking place in the mind of the protagonist.” – Big Issue North

Available on back-order


Synopsis: Pietro and Teresa’s love affair is tempestuous and passionate. After yet another terrible argument, she gets an idea: they should tell each other something they’ve never told another person, something they’re too ashamed to tell anyone. In this way, Teresa thinks, they will remain intimately connected forever.

A few days after sharing their shameful secrets, they break up. Not long after, Pietro meets Nadia, falls in love, and proposes. But the shadow of the secret he confessed to Teresa haunts him, and Teresa herself periodically reappears, standing at the crossroads of every major moment in his life. Or is it he who seeks her out?

Trust asks how much we are willing to bend to show the world our best side, knowing full well that when we are at our most vulnerable we are also at our most dangerous.

Author: Domenico Starnone (trans. by Jhumpa Lahiri)
Title: Trust
Publisher: Europa Editions (UK) Ltd
ISBN: 9781787703186
Original Publication Date: 2021
This Edition Published: 2022
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 144


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