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A.C. Grayling: For the Good of the World


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‘A must read’ Gordon Brown
‘A truly excellent book’ Sir David King

The three biggest challenges facing the world today, in A. C. Grayling’s view, are climate change, technology and justice.

In For the Good of the World, he asks: can human beings agree on a set of values that will allow us to confront the numerous threats facing the planet, or will we simply continue with our disagreements and antipathies as we collectively approach our possible extinction?

As every day brings new stories about extreme weather events, spyware, lethal autonomous weapons systems, and the health imbalance between the northern and southern hemispheres, Grayling’s question – Is Global Agreement on Global Challenges Possible? – becomes ever more urgent. The solution he proposes is both pragmatic and inspiring.

‘Grayling writes with admirable clarity and great conviction. He is clearly one of the good guys, appalled by the universality of infamy: climate nationalism, religious bigotry, gender inequality’ Iain Macwhirter, Herald (Glasgow)

A. C. Grayling is Principal of the New College of the Humanities at Northeastern University, London, and a Supernumerary Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford. He has written and edited more than thirty books on philosophy, history, science and current affairs. For several years he wrote columns for  the Guardian newspaper and The Times and was the chairman of the 2014 Man Booker Prize. His many books include The Meaning of Things, Democracy and Its Crisis, The Good Book: A Secular Bible, The History of Philosophy and The Frontiers of Knowledge.


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