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Poetry Day: Beautiful Dragons Press presents…Noble Dissent – Fall to Grace

Saturday 17th March  1:15pm

Venue: The Sanctuary, Lancaster Library, 18 – 20 Market Street, Lancaster LA1 1HY

Tickets: £10/£8 or SPECIAL OFFER POETRY DAY COMBO £35/£30 for five events

Tickets can be purchased in a variety of ways: AVAILABLE NOW!

Online here (Single event ticket) and here (Poetry Day Combo)

In Person: Lancaster and Morecambe Visitor Information Centres

By phone: 01524 582394/ 01524 582808

For our second event of Poetry day Litfest are delighted to welcome back Beautiful Dragons Press for the launch of their latest unique collaborative anthology  — Noble Dissent.  Featuring 72 poets from across the world this anthology celebrates  standing your ground and advocating for change. Sadly we cannot have all 72 poets here on the day but come and here some of them pull out the soap boxes and blow their whistles…


From some perspectives, recent times aren’t so terribly different from the past. From others, there’s little alternative to getting hot and bothered. The collateral ranting and

raging are not new. Such caterwauling has kept the jalopy of state on the straight and narrow. It is called dissent. It is noble.

Because it is precisely the tub-thumpers, treatise writers, freedom fighters and those willing to die for the human rights who show our species at its finest and most creative. What can be more creative than imagining liberty when all hope is gone?

Why not, then, take some of those stalwart souls as a guide, jump on their bandwagons and holler for our own time? It might be one way of safely and usefully defusing some heat.

It was with this idea in mind that Noble Dissent was launched. Poets were invited to pick a Dissenter and make them their own. Espouse old causes. Read new ones through them. Or just contemplate on past impacts. Brilliantly, it transpired that inspiration crossed era, age, race and gender boundaries. Unsurprisingly the least free movers and shakers from the past touched the most modern and free of spirits writing for this anthology. It is these brilliant and unique responses we celebrate today…


Beautiful Dragons are an entirely collaborative, not-for-profit poetry press where the dragons of invention meet the fires of association and magic occurs — or something very close. Previous publications include: Not A Drop, My Dear Watson: the Very Elements in Poetry, A Bee’s Breakfast and Heavenly Bodies.