Today by Peter Haywood

Enjoy today while it shall last
For soon its joys will all be past.
Don’t reach a future time and say
If only I had lived that day.

Today’s time for new beginnings
Time to forget much older sinning.
So use each hour as if no more
Were waiting in the future store.

We should not strain towards tomorrow
Nor seek from it new things to borrow.
For now save energy and time
And into life’s fulfilment climb.

So write a letter, contact a friend
A broken fence attempt to mend.
Today’s the time for doing good
For putting right the things we should.

Today is yours to celebrate
Each golden hour evaluate.
So live it, love it to its limit
Let no mean thing its joys inhibit.

When day is done let it be said
(as sleepy you fall into bed).
You’ve lived your life in one good day
For more like these you now must pray.

So as day ends just let it go
Content that you have lived it so.
And so to live is to ensure
Life’s richest blessings will endure.

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