Compliance by Bev Clark

The simplest thing
would be to leave you drowning:
Put my fingers in my ears
so I can’t hear your screaming.
The simplest thing
would be to just start walking:
turn my back on all your
promises and bargaining.
The simplest thing
would be to have no conscience:
no guilty feeling
after you’ve gone and done it.
But…The simple truth is
either way, you’ll win it.
When you toss the coin
I will be beholden:
reach out my hand
reluctant to your calling.
Making the hard choice –
A simple thing.

Good or evil? by Emily (Year 8, LGGS)

What is good, what is evil 
I obey, I’m ‘good’ but if I speak up I’m ‘evil’ 
What do I define as? 
I could cook and clean and be told I’m obedient 
Or just eat and relax be told I’m lazy  
what do I define as? 
I could keep quiet and let people define my future  
Or speak up for myself and others  
What do I define as? 
So, am I good or evil? 
I would like to be known as good  
But that’s not possible with what I want to do  
I want to speak up for myself and others  
So, am I good or evil? 

It is time by Linda Hampton

It is time.
The ticking clock drips out the seconds,
Minutes, hours, days…
As they leak into the Universe and disappear.

Why wait?
Don’t wait!
Do the opposite of waiting.
You have a choice!
Creep out at midnight with a torch and some sandwiches
For the journey.
Go, step through the hole in the hedge, and walk quickly away,
Break into a run.

Take gigantic steps across the land
Like a menacing giant.
Roar at anything in your wake.

Then when you draw a crowd,
And everyone is looking up at you
Wondering what you will do,
Marvelling at your bravery,
Admiring your strength…

Then…slowly spread your fully formed
White, rich, feathered wings
And fly, soar above the world;
And show them all what you can do.

A Doorway by Carol Martin

Here’s where decision sits.
Look at the misty light
outside, speckled with sun.
At the portal, she’s
eyeing the spangled bright
outdoors, ready to run.

Stretch out a hand,
feel fresh and unknown air.
Riding intention’s arc impels her, and
it’s almost more than she can bear.

But walking through
exacts resolve;
requires instruction to herself
to start, to step, to move.

She must decide one of the two:
feel the wind on her skin,
or stay safe within?
The trepidation, the dilemma;
the danger she’s in!

The break by Sarah Payne

All these ideas
Floating around me
Confusing me, making me cry
Finally deciding to say goodbye to yesterday
Memories….however sweet
I still really yearn for the pain
I know not why.

With tears in my eyes
The honest confession of being scared
I decide to give it all away
Not knowing if I am right or wrong
Taking the chance
I will be accused and even tried
They will probably miss me now.

I will never know their true minds
I will make my final stand
Speak my truth
Walk away.

My choice by Jules Telford

Live for today
For there’s maybe no tomorrow
Seize the stick
Take a firm hold
And do what you will
Take no prisoners
Avoid the captors
Rip out the boundaries
Storm the hills
Rage the seas
Shake the tiger
And stare it all in the face

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