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Local Writers Day: Litfest Local Picks

Sunday 17th March 5pm

Venue: Pizza Margherita, 2 Moor Lane, Lancaster LA1 1WD

Tickets: ‘Pay What You Can’

Available on the door only

Our third event of the day features three Litfest Local Picks: AS Chambers author of the Sam Spallucci series, Kurtis Murphy author of a globetrotting memoir and Jacqueline Harris an     acclaimed storyteller turned author of YA fiction. They may be names you know well, or names you’re just hearing for the first time but sit down to listen to some of the best of Lancashire.

Lancaster’s master of the macabre, A S Chambers, is well known for marking his home town’s place on the horror map of the United Kingdom. His Sam Spallucci books, with their quirky blend of urban fantasy, film noir and dry humour, have gained a cult following over the last few years with fans journeying from around the country to see where reality meets an ever expanding universe of vampires, werewolves, angels and a plethora of other supernatural characters. He has a dark and brooding website at



Kurtis Murphy was born into a travelling fairground family but by an early age his family chose to live and settle in Morecambe. This meant that dissimilar to many from his background, Kurtis was able to benefit from a full education and eventually attend Lancaster University. Upon graduation, Kurtis found himself with ‘itchy feet’ and a desire for travel and adventure that he felt he had lacked. Recruiting his best friend they decided to attempt to traverse the globe on motorbikes, not that either could ride a motorcycle, but this was a small detail to be addressed. The journey tested them physically, mentally and emotionally in what was a true coming of age experience.



Jacqueline Harris is a writer/storyteller whose performance work brings together folktale, autobiography and people’s stories.  Previous performances of her work for Litfest include festival finales East o’ the sun, West o’ the moon and In Skrikers Footsteps. Her latest collaboration, Where We Land, is an exploration of stories from The Isle of Arran and a collaboration with musician/composer Lee Affen and film maker Graham Kay. Today Jacqueline will be reading from her first YA novel, The Shadow.